After Volkswagen deployed the Me 2.0 software, also known as update 0783, ID.3 owners seized to find cars that would not drive because of . Does it mean the energy drain that discharged these batteries is gone? Far from it, as we have already mentioned, but this new Battery Life video shows how the 0783 update keeps the 12V batteries in good shape and gives us a glimpse of what happens.

As Christian Stadler explains, he installed a CTEK 12V battery monitor in his ID.3 when it had the 12V issue and did not take it out after getting the 0783 update. One interesting feature of the battery monitor is that it records the state of charge for many days. That allowed Stadler to check what was going on with the auxiliary battery.

The youtuber presents the charge graphics from December 20 up to December 27. On Christmas Eve, he installed an OBD2 dongle to check information in his Volkswagen, and something starts to make the charge drop. Could it be the dongle? Possibly, but it is more likely to be something in the car: vehicles that do not have this device also present the energy drain.

Every 80 minutes or so, the 12V battery loses charge up to December 27. On that day, the 12V battery charge dropped to 11.5V, and the DC-to-DC converter came to the rescue with the help of the high voltage battery pack. Summing up, the car took care of recharging the 12V battery while it was not running.

According to Stadler, the recharging process takes very little time and does not affect the main battery pack that much. However, although the ID.3 can now run without 12V battery issues, the energy drain is still there. We’ll probably learn when the matter is solved for good and will keep you posted about that.

Source: Battery Life

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