The glitchy days are over. If you think this may be a new song from Florence + The Machine, Kraftwerk will better suit the description by being German and electronic. The truth is that Volkswagen is singing that in Zwickau, where it manufactures the ID.3. According to the company, all cars made from now on are free from the issues that have been plaguing the EV. It would also finally present all the features it should have from the beginning.

Include among them App Connect, which allows the ID.3 to use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Another great feature is the augmented reality head-up display that projects navigation tips on the windscreen. Most owners will already be grateful that the car turns on and has no 12V battery problems.

VW ID.3 Augmented Reality HUD

For the ones who are already driving the EV around, the only solution to get their cars fixed is leaving them at the nearest dealership for the upgrade. Automotive News informs the software is too big for a quick update, which would require owners to leave it overnight to get things sorted. However, we have the impression the procedures involved are the real reason for the update to take so long. In other words, it probably has to do with more than a simple software upgrade.

If you are wondering about OTA (over-the-air) updates, the ID.3 will also have them. Continental will help the automaker with the updates after creating an HPC (high-performance computer) to handle the updates and their safety. It is probably not available yet precisely because the operating system was not ready.

The good news about the software that Automotive News did not mention is that it implies the ID.4 will start its career as a car that does not have to wait for upgrades. The electric crossover will be fully functional – and hopefully glitch-free – when it starts both in Europe and in the US. Although it was initially scheduled for this month in America, it will arrive just in March 2021. We suspect we now know why...

Source: Automotive News

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