Xpeng Motors today announced that it will be the world’s first automaker to deploy a surrounding reality display for navigation assisted autonomous driving in its mass-produced vehicles.  Xpeng will be using the 3rd-generation in-car navigation system by Amap, China’s leading mapping, navigation, and  location-based services provider.  

Amap’s navigation system employs artificial intelligence, visual technology, and high precision maps to provide the most accurate lane-level navigation, delivering co-guidance for both vehicle and driver. By integrating navigation with high-precision maps, it operates as both an infotainment and autonomous driving feature.

According to QuestMobile, Amap has over 570 million monthly active users as of September 2020. Currently, Amap’s high precision maps cover over 300,000 km (186,000 mi) of highways and urban expressways and are expanding its coverage of urban roads. Amap's real-time traffic updates cover more than 360 cities and 95% of China's highway system. 

Xpeng Navigation system

The new surrounding reality display functions enhance safety by offering a better presentation of the vehicle status to the driver, including:

  • Clear status display to show who is in control
  • Clear boundaries to define what conditions require driver’s intervention
  • Clear guidelines to alert the driver when to intervene

Integrating Amap's surrounding reality display into XPeng's Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) not only provides the driver with a clearer 3D rendering display but also helps the drivers to make better judgments, delivering a safer driving experience. XPeng’s NGP technology demands higher-precision maps with greater accuracy, comprehensive coverage, rich detail, better driver-vehicle interaction, reliability, real-time navigability, and location identification.

XPeng’s soon-to-be-released NGP conducts navigation assisted autonomous driving from point A to B based on the navigation route set by the driver. The new NGP function performs automatic speed limit adjustments, automatic switching to highways, optimized lane choices, automatic entering and exiting ramps, and automatic overtaking. Xpeng will begin OTA updates in a couple of weeks that will add NGP to existing customers that qualify. 

In beta test driving for a cumulative distance of 7,718 km (4,785 mi), conducted on highways in Guangzhou during the second week of January, XPeng’s NGP function required only 0.77 driver interventions per 100km (62 mi) driven, and achieved a lane change and overtake success rate of 98.65%, and a success rate of 89.52% when entering and exiting highway ramps.

While InsideEVs couldn't attend Xpeng's media drive of a P& using a Beta version of NGP due to COVID travel restrictions, we did manage to have a local reporter cover it for us and will be posting a video of the P7 driving on NGP in Guangzhou last week, so stay tuned. 

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