The Tesla Model S has always been quite a pretty looking car, one that could probably have looked good in more than one body style. Some coach builders created wagon versions of it, and there have even been some four-door convertible versions, but two-door drop-tops are far less common.

Well, that has now changed with this one-off creation by Ares Design, a luxury coachbuilder based in Modena, Italy. Its portfolio includes heavily modified luxury cars, as well as its own unique creations, so this custom topless Model S slots somewhere in between.

Gallery: Tesla Model S Convertible by Ares Design

This white Model S was created simply to show that it could be made, but should you actually want one for the road, Ares will build it to meet safety standards. By that we mean it will add the all-important rollover protection that is now mandatory for all modern convertibles (those roof bars that jut out when the car senses it’s about to flip).

Apparently, this one-off was also a commission, so we presume its owner may want to drive it on the road; we wonder why this car doesn’t get the rollover protection. Maybe Ares wasn’t asked to implement the system in this instance, but it will do so in the future.

The company also says this Model S retains the exact same performance and range numbers that it had before the makeover. We don’t really know if it is any lighter (or heavier, for that matter) than the original, since it has strengthened side members, as well as the structure underneath the interior.

How was this conversion achieved? Well, in the press release about the project, Ares says

To achieve the conversion, engineers cut away the roof and removed the rear doors and the B-pillars to facilitate new, longer front doors. Centro Stile designed a new rear bonnet allowing space to integrate the roof when stowed. To finish, designers added a splash of Italian style with the fitment of a sleek ARES designed carbon fibre aero kit.

Finally, the car has a retractable fabric roof that stows away behind the rear seats. And even though they are present, it doesn’t look like they could accommodate any adult passengers with legs. In regard to the price, well, we don’t know anything, but since this is a labor-intensive project whose aim is to achieve a luxury look and finish, it’s probably very expensive - probably a few hundred thousand euros, with the car included.

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