Tesla has many products in the pipeline. This can be seen as good or bad. Hopefully, you think it's a good thing since yet another vehicle may join the list.

We're waiting on the Tesla Roadster, Tesla Semi, Tesla Cybertruck, and now the refreshed Model S and Model X, the Plaid powertrain, and a potential compact car. According to Elon Musk on the recent earnings call, Tesla should add an electric van to the long list of future vehicles.

During the recent Q4 2020 Tesla earnings call, Musk said the automaker still plans to bring an electric van to market in the future. He was replying to a question about the van. Musk said:

“I think Tesla is definitely going to make an electric van at some point."

According to Teslarati, the question was in reference to the following tweet Musk posted in 2018:


As far as we know, this was the only time a Tesla van was ever mentioned. With many legacy automakers now moving forward toward electrification, compelling startups surfacing, and the Biden Administration aiming to replace government fleets with electric vehicles, a Tesla van could make more sense now than ever. Rivian is producing electric delivery vans for Amazon, and other automakers have already moved forward with electric vans.

While it would be great to see Tesla officially add an electric van to its future pursuits, it has a lot on its plate. In addition, battery constraints will already make it very difficult for Tesla to quickly move forward with its monstrosity of future projects.

What do you think? Tesla van: Hot or not? Should Tesla offer an electric van? If so, should it be prioritized over other future products?

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