May 2016 News Archive

Has Nissan Satisfied All The 30 kWh LEAF Demand In Japan? April Sales Fall Below 350 Units

PSA Announces 450 km (270 mile)* Electric Vehicle To Arrive In 2019, Plus 6 Other EVs

2017 Volkswagen e-Golf: 35.8 kWh Battery, 124 Mile/200km Range (Update)

Exclusive Interview With Steve Marsh As His Nissan LEAF Hits 150,000 Miles (Original Battery)

Tesla, Musk Plan $2 Billion Stock Sale To Build Model 3, 373,000 People Reserved

Three Years with a Ford Focus Electric - Review

eMotorWerks New JuiceNet Program Can Save California EV Drivers Up To $400/Year For Charging Cleaner

Stripped Nissan LEAF For VW Bus Conversion Has Model S Speed - Video

Cadillac ELR Production Permanently Ceased In February 2016

Does A BMW i3 Battery Upgrade On An Older Model Make Sense?

Umberto Palermo Unveils Valentino Tesla Model S & Electric Luce Concept Coupe

Connecticut Offers Businesses Up To $10,000 For Purchasing/Installing Public Chargers

China's Electric Car Boom Met With Skepticism

ChargeNow DC Fast Offers Free Fast Charging For i3 Buyers

Tesla Model S And Model X Comparison After Range Update And 75 kWh Additions

Refreshed 2017 Fusion Energi Gets Range Bump, Better MPG

BMW 33 kWh Battery Retrofit For Older i3s Won't Be Offered In U.S.

With Longer Range BMW i3 Official, We Compare The New 94 Ah Battery To The Old

Electric Renault Zoe Could Get Renault Sport Version

Survey: 92% Of Tesla Owners Will Buy Tesla Again, 55% To Purchase A Model 3

Official: 2017 BMW i3 Gets 33 kWh Battery, Range Increases To 114 Miles

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