2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

After three great months of Nissan LEAF sales in Japan, April brings a sobering result of just 343 sales (compared to 2,503 in January, 2,819 in February and 1,614 in March).

We should note that April is typically the "apocalypse" month for EV sales in Japan (much like January is for the US).

So April's result is still up 22% up year-over-year (the low April sales in Japan is also related to the beginning of new fiscal year in Japan), so perhaps the rush for new 30 kWh version will renew in future months.

The 7,279 LEAFs sold in the first four months however is the best result ever (after a peak of 4,853 in 2014) and we look forward for May numbers to get more clarity on where EV sales are headed for Nissan in Japan.

Also of note, Nissan needed just 22 more sales to crest 65,000 LEAFs sold all-time in Japan since December 2010.

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