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June 2020 News Archive

Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV Availability In U.S. To Be Extremely Limited

Nikola CEO Talks Fuel Cell Trucks, Tesla Supercharger Pricing, Battery Degradation

Ford Mustang Mach-E To Gets Performance Boost Prior To Launch

Hyundai Launches ‘County Electric’ Minibus In South Korea

New 2021 Citroën ë-C4 Offers 350 Km (217 Miles) Of WLTP Range

Audi Q5 55 TFSI e: 20 Miles Of EPA All-Electric Range

GM's Baojun Sells New EVs In China For Less Than $10,000

Dyson Contradicted: Some Current Electric Cars Actually Sell At A Profit

China: Tesla Model 3 Performance Gets Range Boost Or False Alarm?

Slippery Sedan: Lucid Air To Become World’s Most Aero-Efficient Luxury Car

Geneva, One Of The Most EV-Friendly Motor Shows, Canceled For 2021

Mazda Highlights Right-Sized Battery Strategy For The MX-30

Watch Us Install Tesla's Model 3 All-Weather Protection Kit

How Did Tesla Boost Model S Range To Over 400 Miles?

Will The Volkswagen ID.3 Be The Most Important Car Of The Decade?

2020 BMW X3 xDrive30e: Range (EPA), Specs, Price

InsideEVs Exclusive: Ford Mustang Mach-E | Meet the Team Behind the EV

Audi A8 PHEV Rated At 17 Miles Of EPA EV Range

Porsche Reveals Longer-Range Base Model Taycan For China With Single Motor

VW Trademarks e-Samba Name In Europe, Could Use It On Production I.D. Buzz.

Nikola Badger Pickup Truck Reservation Website To Go Live Today At 11 AM ET

The Space Rivalry Between Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos Is Extending To Cars

UK Government Invests £73.5 Million In Green Car Technology

Majority Of Potential EV Buyers In UK Waiting For Scrappage Scheme

PSA Discusses Its Medium Electric Van Portfolio

Volkswagen Ends Production Of ICE Cars At Zwickau And Goes Electric

Did Tesla Hide A Model S Battery Issue Since 2012 That Could Cause Fires?

Tesla Model S Gets Official EPA Range And Efficiency Numbers: 402 Miles

H2X Explains The Renderings, Pateo Kinetic, And Hyzon Motors

Breaking: California Passes First Electric Truck National Standard

How Many Cars Will Tesla Deliver In Q2 2020? Predictions Are Looking Up

Let's Dive Into The Battery 'Beehive' And The Buzz Surrounding Tesla

Kia Introduces Entry-Level Niro EV (39 kWh) In UK

Pure Electric BMW 3 Series Caught Testing, But It’s Still A Few Years Away

Link Transit Received 10 Wirelessly Rechargeable Electric Buses

Trevor Milton Explains Why Nikola May Be Better Than Tesla In Long Hauls

Can Carbon Nanotubes Increase Energy Density In Cells? CENS Says Yes

Lordstown Reveals Endurance Electric Pickup Truck

Watch A 2020 Hyundai Kona Electric Fast Charge From 0 To 80%

Watch The Lordstown Endurance Electric Pickup Truck Livestream Here

Here's BMW Group's Position In The Plug-In EV Market: May 2020

Rivian Plans To Move Future Jobs Out Of Michigan In Favor Of California

In The CityQ Car-eBike, The Driver/Rider Is The Range Extender

Tesla Unofficially Ranks Last In 2020 J.D. Power U.S. Initial Quality Study

Volvo BEVs To Use Plugsurfing For Public Charging In Europe

Jaguar I-PACE Taxis To Be Wirelessly Fast Charged In Norway

Exro Technologies To Improve EV Motors With 'Electromagnetic Gearbox'

Tesla Cybertruck Comparison Video Series Episode 5: Ride and Drive

UPDATE: Tesla's MCU eMMC Issue Will Be Investigated By NHTSA

Electrify America Announces First Cross Country Route: Second Near Completion

Watch This Wild Tesla Cybertruck Racing Game Teaser: Should We Make It?

Germany: Huge Electrification Stimulus Package Is Coming

UK-Based Company Wants To Replace The Tuk-Tuk With This Cheap, Simple EV

Two Toyota Electric Crossovers Revealed By Chinese Patent Images

Ford Mustang Mach-E: Dealers Reportedly Adding $15,000 Markup Over MSRP

Hyundai Kona Electric Blast: High Voltage Battery Area Had The Most Damage

Tesla Model 3 Paint Is Not Of A Good Standard, UK Inspection Says

Watch Simulated Tesla Roadster With Rocket Thrusters Hit 60 MPH In 1.1 Seconds

MINI Cooper SE Moose Test Result Is Good, But No Match For Cooper S Or BMW i3

Hyundai Confirms High Supply Of EVs In The UK

Watch This Tiny Tank Tug And Tow A Tesla Model 3

Quebec: Electric Circuit To Install One Hundred 100 kW Chargers

IKEA Testing Renault And MAN EVs

Tesla Analyst Says Cybertruck Electric Pickup Truck Orders Exceed 650K

MG E-Motion Gets Amazing Rendering From

US: Number Of CCS Chargers Outnumber CHAdeMO By 28%

Jaguar Reveals Improved 2021 I-PACE: Faster AC Charging, But No Increase In Range

Kia Seltos Will Get Electric Version In China: What About The U.S.?

Hyzon Motors And Horizon Fuel Cell Are Not Happy With H2X

Tesla Data Leak: European Owners’ Old Computers Found For Sale Too

Nikola Motors Factory In Coolidge, Arizona To Break Ground On July 23

Lightyear Testing Solar Roof Option For Tesla Model 3

New Tesla V3 Supercharger Unlocks Southern I-95 Travel

Electrified Skodas’ Pedestrian Alert Sound Is A Faux ICE Engine Noise

Diesel Ram Pickup Truck Driver Records Intentional Coal-Rolling Of A Tesla

Polestar, Koenigsegg Get Together To Talk About Their Latest Plug-In Cars

Report Says Tesla Can Ban Model Y Owners Who Return Car Due To Faults

Mercedes-Benz Introduces Electric eCitaro G Articulated Bus

Tesla Announces Lowest Price For Home Solar

Tesla Giga Shanghai Construction Progress June 18, 2020: Video

All The Mid-Size PSA Group Electric Vans (Commercial And Passenger)

Check Out This Official Tesla Model S/X Battery Capacity Degradation Chart

Europe May Be The World's New Focal Point For Electric Cars

How Big Is The Tesla Model Y Mega-Casting? Check It Out Here

Google Trends Points To Quick Recovery Of Electric Car Sales In UK

Ingenext Explains Some Of 'The Ghost' Tesla Performance Boost Hack Secrets

Tesla Is Finally Able To Fix This Model Y, After A 3-Month Delay

Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Progress: June 18, 2020

Green Light Given For Green Plates For EVs In UK

Upcoming Rivals' Wait-And-See Appoach Helps Tesla Pull Ahead

Tesla Cybertruck Interior Compared To Pickup Truck Competition On Munro Live

Giant Fire Blanket Helps Cut Battery Reignition In Electric Car Blazes

Infiniti Plans To Launch One Pure EV, One 'Gas-Powered EV' To Become Sustainable

New Byton EV Will Resurrect GMD T.27 And Peugeot 1007 With A Single Car

Tesla Model Y Spotted Out Testing In The Netherlands

Is This Chinese Manned Flying Machine The World’s First Air Motorcycle?

Ford Mustang Mach-E Hands-Free Co-Pilot360: Exclusive Details

Lordstown Endurance Electric Pickup Truck Will Debut On June 25

Polestar 1 Official EPA Numbers: 52 Miles Of EV Range

EV And Battery Challenge: Hyundai, Kia, And LG Chem Want Startup Help

Sneaky Kids Grounded From Games Try To Dodge That With Tesla Arcade

Can A 2015 Tesla Model S 70D Still Impress In One Lap?

UPDATE: Monceau Automobiles Sells Electric Mercedes Cars Daimler Never Created

Tesla May Be In Negotiations For Cybertruck Terafactory In Texas

Silica May Help High Energy Density Li-S Batteries Reach 2,000 Cycles

The State Of New EV Releases: Let's Look At Various Automakers' Progress

Audi Presents Aerodynamic Concept Of The e-tron S Models

Tesla And Panasonic Enter 3-Year Battery Pricing Agreement

Lucid Air In Production Guise Will Be Presented Online On September 9

Volkswagen ID.4 Leaks In China Fully Uncovered: This Is It!

Toyota Mirai Will Help Yanmar Create A Fuel Cell Boat By Late 2020

MINI Is Reportedly Looking To Create EV Crossover In China, Sell It Globally

Polestar Opens Production Orders For Its Tesla Model 3 Competitor

Candela Seven: Electric Hydrofoil Boat With 'Jet Fighter-Like Performance'

Here Are The Best And Worst Electric Cars In Terms Of Battery Degradation

Tesla Model 3 Beats Porsche Taycan Turbo In 311-Mile Endurance Race

Tug Of War Tesla Cybertruck Game Puts You In Charge Of Tugging Opponents

H2X Ute Could Give Us Another FCEV Pickup Truck Besides Nikola Badger

All-New Citroen e-C4 Revealed, But Specs Are Still Kept Under Wraps

Nikola CEO Announces $60,000 Badger Electric Pickup Truck Giveaway

Tesla Model S Becomes World's First 400-Plus Mile Electric Car

Tesla Model S Listed Among The 15 Least Reliable Cars In The UK

See Stainless Steel Tesla Model Y Next To Cybertruck: Pickup Makes Y Seem Tiny

Tesla Cyberquad From Rich Rebuilds Can Finally Move Around

Electrify Canada Expands Network Of High-Speed EV Chargers To British Columbia

Watch Tesla Roadster Take On Ford F-650 Pickup Truck In Tug Of War Battle

May EV Sales In Italy Show Big Promise: BEV Sales Up 55% Year Over Year

Ford Mustang Mach-E Comes With 250 kWh Electrify America Credit

Motorsport Network Announces Launch Of InsideEVs Russia

Electric Car Charging Points Outnumber Gas Stations In UK By Ratio Over 2 To 1

RAV4 Prime Shows Why Tesla Overcoming Toyota In Value May Not Be Nuts

How Does Elon Musk Leverage Economies Of Scale & Vertical Integration?

Tesla Cybertruck Shows Up Next To Ford F-150 Raptor Pickup Truck

Lotus Will Focus On Becoming An Electric Car Only Manufacturer

See Tesla Cybertruck, Roadster, Semi In Unique Side-By-Side Walkaround Video

Bob Lutz Comments On 'Mass Hysteria' Surrounding Tesla, Nikola Stocks

Xpeng P7 Gets Updated, Increased Range Rating By Chinese MIIT

Coronavirus Extended Life Of BMW i8, But It's Over Now: Production Ends

Tesla Giga Shanghai Construction Progress June 11, 2020: Video

Rivian Takes The R1T Electric Pickup Truck On A Colorful Family Adventure

Watch Ram Diesel Pickup Truck Drag Race Tesla Model 3: Surprisingly Close Result

Ford Mustang Mach-E: Specs And Mega Gallery

Exclusive: CATL's 2-Million Kilometer Battery Has No Connection To Tesla

EV Rides Can Extend The Range Of Your Nissan LEAF With Battery Upgrades

Watch This Manned Electric Hoverbike Fall From Sky And Crash In Dubai

H2X Wants To Put Australia Back On Car-Producing Map With FCEVs

Check Out The Tesla Cybertruck In The World's Most Iconic Car Colors

Next-Gen BMW PHEVs Will Have Claimed 100 Km / 62 Miles Of Electric Range

Can The Toyota Prius Prime Surprise In One Lap?

Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Take Down A Ferrari F12: Makes Model S Proud

Early Nissan LEAF Ditches 24 kWh Battery For 64 kWh Pack And Range Shoots Up

Hyundai Updates Battery Monitoring System After Kona Electric Fires

Hackers Break Into Tesla Acceleration Boost: Sell Faster Version For $1,100

Munro & Associates Will Help Arcimoto Improve FUV Manufacturing, Reduce Costs

Volkswagen ID.3 Deliveries To Start At End Of Summer

BMW Launches X5 xDrive45e In U.S.: Releases Specs, Range And Price

Are Tesla Vehicles The Most Dangerous Cars On The Road?

Ford And VW To Expand Global Alliance: Includes Electric Vehicles

Sandy Munro Talks Tesla Cybertruck Driveline And Off-Roading Capabilities

Lucid Motors Says It’s Not A Tesla Killer, Wants To Coexist Alongside

Elon Musk: It's Time To Bring The Tesla Semi To Volume Production

Meet The World's Fastest Electric Ferry With A Massive 2 MWh Battery

UPDATE: Hyundai Kona Electric Catches Fire While Charging In South Korea

Record 1.35 Cent/kWh Solar Bid In Abu Dhabi Forecasts Cleaner Future

New Mercedes-Benz B250e Plug-In Hybrid Priced At Just Over £35,000 In UK

In April Lockdown, Italy’s Car Market Stares Into The Abyss, But Not BEVs

Xpeng Opens State-Of-The-Art Electric Vehicle Factory In Zhaoqing

EVs Pose New Challenges To Insurance Companies, According to AGCS

Lux Research Claims Most Electric Cars Remain Unprofitable

In Dawn Of EV Era, BMW Seeks Production Of Gasoline From Air: Say What?

Tesla V3 Supercharger Test: We Find Out Exactly How Fast It Really Is

See Mercedes-Benz EQA Prototype Strutting Its Stuff With Only Fascias Covered

Lesage Motors Will Build An Exclusive Driving Machine: The 01E

Tesla Model 3 Performance & Model S Raven: 1/4-Mile Track Tests

Hyundai And Kia Present New Heat Pump Technology For Their EVs

Musk Email Leaked: Tesla Model Y Must Be Top Priority & Without Issues

Lordstown Motors To Unveil Endurance Pickup Truck During Week Of June 22nd

BYD Shows Off New Blade Battery Factory In Chongqing

Bought, Leased A New EV In New Jersey In 2020? Big Check Might Come Your Way

In Japan, Toyota Expects To Sell Only 300 RAV4 Prime Per Month

Nikola Badger Electric/Hydrogen Pickup Truck Reservations To Open On June 29

Toyota RAV4 Prime Battery Capacity Almost Matches Chevrolet Volt

MG E-Motion Has Its Production Version Revealed By Patent Images

Tesla Model 3 Charges While Driving With $2,500 Solar Trailer

Toyota Teams Up With Five Chinese Companies To Develop Fuel Cell Vehicles

CATL Now Promises 2-Million Kilometer, 16-Year Battery Technology

Tesla And SpaceX Share More Than Just CEO Elon Musk

Ford Reveals Escape PHEV Price, Range And More For U.S.

Check Out All Of The Karma Automotive E-Flex Platforms

Tesla Giga Shanghai Construction Progress June 4, 2020: Video

Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Blow Away Porsche Taycan 4S In Drag Race

Audi A6 Plug-In Hybrid Priced Just Under £53,000 In UK

Indianapolis: BlueIndy Car Sharing Closed, Many Cars End Up At Scrapyard

Tesla Offers 'Model 3 All Weather Protection Kit' To Try To Prevent Paint Issues

This EV Barge Concept Takes Battery-Swapping To A Whole New Level

Porsche Taycan DC Charging Test: Peak Is 270 kW, But Only To 25% SOC

Fiat Introduces All-Electric E-Ducato Van

Sandy Munro Finds Tesla Model Y Foam Filler Failure

Tesla Model 3 Performance Pikes Peak Racer Sets Record In One Lap

Nissan Ariya Interior Parts Revealed By European Patent Images

Audi e-tron Sportback Official EPA Numbers: 218 Miles Of Range

Nikola Buys Alkaline Electrolyzers To Generate 40 Tons Of Hydrogen Daily

All Gas Stations In Germany Will Be Required To Have EV Chargers

Rivian Files Trademarks For Two New Vehicles: A Van And Mystery 'X'

Leap Motor LP-S01 Is The Cheapest Electric Sports Car In The World

Tesla Launches Model Y Online Design Studio For Chinese Market

Nissan Details Its e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive Tech, Explains How To Pronounce It

Tesla's Former Battery Supply Chain Manager Talks Batteries

Tesla Model Y Will Gain Single Rear Casting Thanks To IDRA Group

New Sports And Performance Packages Turn Karma Revero GT Into GTS

World’s Cheapest New Car Is Electric And It Comes In A Box From China

MG Motor Plans To Sell ZS EV With Range Of 311 Miles In 2022

World’s Largest Commercial Electric Aircraft Completes Maiden Flight

Watch World's Best Tesla Cybertruck Pickup Bed Deep Dive

FCA Develops PHEV That Runs Solely On Electricity When In Restricted Zones

Watch This Crazy GMC Sierra Truck Driver Attack A Tesla Numerous Times

Renault Adds New £19,836 Business+ Model To Electric Kangoo Range

Aiways Sends First 500 U5 Electric Cars To Europe

Peugeot Introduces e-Traveller EV Minivan With Two Available Batteries

Tesla Faces Class-Action Suit Due To Paint Issues On Model 3 In Quebec

Tesla Supercharger Station In Vegas Is Perfect Spot To Park Your Gas Car

UK Study Reveals There Are 55 Electric Cars Per Each On-Street Charging Point

Tesla Plans To More Than Double Its Superchargers In China Before Year's End

This Rendering Previews Possible VW ID.5 Electric Sedan Due In 2022

Sodium-Ion Battery Shows Promise In New Study Despite Lower Energy Density

Sandy Munro Talks Tesla Cybertruck Suspension, Ride, Handling, Structure

According To James Dyson, All Current Electric Cars Are Sold At A Loss

What Is It Really Like To Watch A SpaceX Launch Live, In Person

Riversimple Rasa Gets Special Color To Pay Tribute To Stirling Moss

Lancia Delta Integrale Will Start E-Retrofit Premium Series And Become An EV

Tesla Makes Top Three In List Of Most Trusted Car Brands In OZ

Chris Harris Drives The Bonkers Volkswagen I.D. R Around A Track And Loves It

Rivian Hires Former Tesla Employees To Deploy Its Public Fast-Chargers

Polestar Will Expand Dealership Network In China, But Reuters Gets It Wrong

BYD Enters EV Passenger Car Market In Colombia

Charging Infrastructure Needs To Grow For Tesla Rivals To Succeed

Rumor Mill Suggests Next BMW M5 Might Be A PHEV, Full EV Or Both

Artemis Project Aims To Make Audi A More Competitive Legacy Automaker

All-Electric Car Range, Price & More Compared For U.S. – June 1, 2020

VW Confirms Investments In JAC Motors And Guoxuan Battery Maker

Tesla Model 3's Instant Acceleration & Agility Helps Avoid Head-On Crash

Will Alfa Romeo Offer An EV Crossover Based On PSA's EV Platform?

Exclusive: Momentum Dynamics Explains Wireless Charging Efficiency

Tesla Reduces Model Y Delivery Timeline By 4 Weeks, Other Cars By 2-3

Watch Two Big Euro PHEV Wagons Perform Poorly In The Moose Test

Watch Tesla Model 3 On Autopilot Crash Into Overturned Semi Truck On Highway

BMW Group Reveals Its Position In The Plug-In EV Market: April 2020

Will Renault, Nissan And Mitsubishi EVs And PHEVs All Look Alike From Now On?

Tesla Model S Goes Up In Flames, But The Battery Pack Didn't Ignite

Toyota RAV4 Prime Plug-In Hybrid Video Overload

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