In a new email to Tesla employees, Elon Musk wrote to that it's time to start volume production of the Tesla Semi all-electric trucks. The news was broke by Reuters, but later Elon Musk confirmed it to be true on Twitter.

"It's time to go all out and bring the Tesla Semi to volume production. It's been in limited production so far, which has allowed us to improve many aspects of the design."

The Semi was originally unveiled in 2017, and promised to enter the market by the end of 2019, then moved to 2020 and then 2021.

Tesla was busy with other projects, but now it seems it is the right time, especially since there are other companies interested in EV trucks and new hydrogen fuel cell counterparts from Nikola Motor are on the horizon.

Elon Musk wrote also that both the battery and powertrain will be produced at the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada, but there is no surprise here.

The interesting thing is that "most of the other work probably occurring in other states". So we basically don't know yet where it will be produced. The company probably is still searching for the right site.

"Production of the battery and powertrain would take place at Giga Nevada, with most of the other work probably occuring in other states.

Jerome and I are very excited to work with you to bring this amazing product to market!"

Confirmation of the email:


Nikola Motor's CEO Trevor Milton immediately responded on the news about Tesla Semi, "welcoming" competition, but reassuring that its FCVs will be better:


Gallery: Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi specs:

  • Acceleration 0-60 mph with 80K lbs load – 20 sec
  • Speed up a 5% Grade – 65 mph
  • Range – 300 or 500 miles (483 or 804 km)
  • Powertrain – 4 Independent Motors on Rear Axles
  • Energy Consumption – Less than 2 kWh / mile
  • Fuel Savings – $200,000+
  • Expected Base Price (300 mile range) – $150,000
  • Expected Base Price (500 mile range) – $180,000
  • Base Reservation – $20,000
  • Expected Founders Series Price – $200,000
  • Founders Series Reservation – $200,000 * Prices displayed in USD. International pricing will vary.

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