The Tesla Model Y came to market in March 2020, months ahead of schedule. However, the timing couldn't have been more terrible, as production came to an abrupt halt shortly thereafter, and deliveries slowed accordingly due to the .

While other automakers had plenty of their new cars in inventory and sitting on dealer lots, Tesla was just starting to build the Model Y in quantity and fill orders when its factory was shut down temporarily.

Fast-forward to the present and Tesla's Fremont factory is back in action and the Model Y is top priority. We just reported the other day that international deliveries of the car have already started, in Canada. This happened much quicker than it did with the Model 3. Now, a Model Y has already been spotted in Europe, reportedly undergoing testing in The Netherlands.

When Tesla brought the Model 3 to market, it had never mass-produced a vehicle in such high volume, it didn't have a factory in China, it wasn't building a factory in Europe, and it wasn't in negotiations for a second U.S. factory (which will actually produce the Model Y, as well as the Cybertruck).

Clearly a whole lot has changed for Tesla over a short period of time. It's expanding significantly in many directions. Tesla Owners Club Netherlands (@TeslaOwnersNL on Twitter) recently tweeted:


The above translated via Google Translate reads:

"Today seen for the first time on Dutch roads, the Model Y. The only copy in the Netherlands at the moment (with American plug connections). Tesla is now testing this model on Dutch roads."

According to Teslarati, it's a U.S.-spec Model Y charging at a Euro-spec Supercharger. Apparently, it has been spotted in many European countries prior to hitting Dutch roadways. At this point, the only question that remains is how quickly can Tesla launch the Model Y in Europe? Will it begin to deliver the Model Y overseas as it has the Model 3 and other Tesla vehicles? Or, will Tesla wait until it can produce the Model Y at its new factory near Berlin, Germany?

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