Ford invited our own Kyle Conner to the Ford Performance Technical Center in Concord, NC to experience the all-electric Mustang Mach-E. We recently published an in-depth driving review of the car, at least with the information we could gather from Ford's incredibly realistic virtual vehicle development simulator.

In the above video, we go in-depth with Ford engineers about how the Mustang Mach-E was tamed. Virtual vehicle development is something that is crucial to speeding up timelines and lowering cost when producing vehicles. As discussed in the video, you can travel to many environments, test ADAS, and change vehicle configurations with just a push of a button. Visit our new InsideEVs US YouTube channel to keep up with our exclusive content.

Christoph Gümbel, who was head of Virtual Vehicle for Porsche for over 25 years, shared:

“While the vehicle was invented more than 130 years ago, virtual development took first tentative steps in the early 80s. Testing and experiments have been leading the development process. More than 20 years later, digital images of the vehicle were called “Digital Prototypes” and a process was established with the primary objective to reduce hardware. Physical and digital prototypes were now treated equally.

Future products have to be smart and sustainable. For the automotive industry this can be translated into e- mobility, connectivity, autonomous driving and shared mobility.

Cost reduction combined with increasing speed of innovations and complexity are forcing the automotive industry to extend the use of virtual development tools by positioning simulation in a leading role during the concept phase of product development.

The disruptive transition from ICE to EV, from driver to passenger, from owner to user leads to an enormous challenge. Functions, like autonomous driving can only be developed with the help of numerical simulation. Speed matters to comply with future legislation standards and to counteract the growing competition.”

It was during our visit with Ford that we learned its strategy when it comes to developing the Mustang Mach-E. We also learned how the Mustang crossover will be loaded with advanced technology such as hands-free driving, OTA updates, and much more.

About the Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is poised to become one of the brand's flagship cars in the higher-end segment of the market and is truly the first step to finally offer compelling electric cars. It will be available both in North America and Europe in multiple versions and trim levels with long range, stellar performance, strong fast-charging capabilities, and plenty of features.

Below, we've embedded another exclusive video from Ford:

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