If you're into the Tesla Cybertruck we've found an interesting video we think you'll love. It's a super deep dive into the Cybertruck's bed features, done by the YouTube channel Cyber Truck, Truck Guy.

The channel's host is a self-proclaimed "truck guy" and says he lives in the middle of "Truckland" in the heart of the US midwest. He started the channel to explain the Cybertruck from the perspective from a real truck-lovin' American, and believes the Cybertruck will be embraced by hundreds of thousands of real truck-enthusiasts, not just electric vehicle enthusiasts. 

The extensive deep-dive covers thirteen unique aspects of the Cybertruck as well as one "mystery". We've listed the thirteen featured he discusses along with the time in the video that he begins talking about that particular item. It's a long video but manages to keep the viewers interested. That's because, in our opinion, he offers up some great observations and thoughts.

List of features he discusses:

  • Tesla's Stainless Steel Construction @4:03
  • The lack of Wheel Wells @4:29
  • The 3,500lb Payload Capacity @5:28
  • Secret Storage Compartments @6:35
  • The Retractable Ramp @7:25
  • The L-Trac Cargo System @9:10
  • Partial Cab Access @9:43
  • Air Compressor Access @9:43
  • Star Gazer Window @12:14
  • Integrated Interior Lights @12:54
  • Environmentally Controlled Bed @13:51
  • Grid Level Power Outlets @15:51
  • Powered Rolling Tonneau Cover @17:18

Plus, the 1 mystery:

  • The Mystery of the Long Grooves @20:00

Video Description via Cyber Truck Truck Guy on YouTube:

Today we do a deep dive of the Cybertruck Bed or as Tesla calls it, the Vault. We’ll be looking at the 13 features that sets it apart from all other pickup truck beds out there and we’ll also be discussing one mystery. We also take a quick trip to my shop where we look at the real world wear and tear that happens with regular truck beds

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