PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel/Vauxhall) just released a very interesting presentation of its medium electric vans, which we have listed earlier this month here.

We must admit that Xavier Peugeot, Vice President Groupe PSA Business Unit for Light Commercial Vehicles, gave one of the best presentations that EV vans ever had, pointing out all the key features and advantages of electric versions.

The French company will start to take orders for all models by the end of July and the first customer deliveries will begin in the second half of 2020.

The offer includes commercial delivery vehicles in three sizes and multiple body types, as well as passenger versions with up to 9 seats.

PSA Group electric medium vans
PSA Group electric medium vans

According to Xavier Peugeot, the most important thing when introducing the EV vans on the market was "no compromise" compared to conventional models.

All of the main factors, including payload (up to 1,275 kg), towing capacity (up to 1,000 kg), modularity, cargo capacity (up to 6.6 m3) and performance have to be on par/similar to internal combustion engine versions.

Even in terms of range:

  • up to 230 km (143 miles) of WLTP range with 50 kWh battery (18 modules)
  • up to 330 km (205 miles) of WLTP range with 75 kWh battery (27 modules)

... PSA notes that 83% of its customers do not exceed 200 km (124 miles) daily (on average), and 44% never exceed 300 km (186 miles). In other words, there should be plenty of applications where EVs will fit without compromises to the customers.

The medium EV van lineup includes eight PSA model versions, plus two entries from Toyota:

All of those vans are basically one and the same vehicle, based on the EMP2 multi-energy platform, just rebadged for all the brands. Such an approach should bring the development and production cost down to a level required for profitability at a reasonable price (hopefully).

In several months, PSA should introduce also large and small electric vans with similar consolidation.

Below, we attached a fresh b-roll video of the Opel Vivaro-e, including both static and driving scenes:

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