Infiniti has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and it had to drop several models in order to not start losing money. At the same time, though, new models will still be added to the range, even electrified ones and it looks like all will be performance-oriented.

Automotive News interviewed Infiniti’s chairman, Peyman Kargar, who confirmed plans to introduce one pure EV, as well as a "gas-powered EV." While the former seems like a straightforward model, the latter has us a bit intrigued.

It will apparently be a performance-oriented electric vehicle that will have a rather small battery pack (it will rely on the gasoline engine to run practically constantly and produce power); it will also be branded e-Power, suggesting it will be similar to other models sold by Nissan under the same moniker.

However, it will be different from Nissan’s other e-Power models because it will be a performance-focused model. We don’t know exactly how quick this new model will be, but this information, along with the model’s name will be disclosed in a few months. There will also be a sporty pure-EV too, as well as a high-performance gasoline-burning car.

In the interview, Kargar also talked about Infiniti’s DNA, and the fact that the company wants to shift its image more in that direction. And we know it can produce quite stunning cars, although frankly the boldest ones are just concepts - we simply can’t forget the remarkable 2017 Prototype 9 Concept or 2018’s Prototype 10 Concept, and we hope they channel the same energy that created those studies into making the new sporty series models.

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