Visions of the future dreamt up by people that experienced the birth of the automobile suggested that we’d have ditched ground transport and we would all be getting around in flying machines. Well, history has proved they were quite optimistic, but we're actually not as far from that scenario as you might think.

After we showed you what is said to be the world’s first manned aerobatic drone, which has been designed to carry one person, travel at high speed and be very maneuverable, we found another aerial contraption. This one you don’t sit inside of, but you ride it instead, as you would a traditional motorcycle.

In fact, the video’s title does portray it as such, and while we’re not sure what to call it, it’s not actually a misleading description. It’s called the Air F1 and, unsurprisingly, it comes from China, where it's built by a company called Heitech (which manufactures lithium-ion batteries).

According to the brief video description, it can carry two people at an altitude of up to 328 feet or 100 meters. That means it can quite fly high enough to clear the many massive skyscrapers being erected in China these days, but it certainly beats sitting in one of the country’s renowned traffic jams that have been known to last for several days.

Information on this vehicle is rather sparse, but while trying to do some research to learn more about it, we found an older video showing a home-made flying scooter built by one man in his garage; it has a top speed of 44 mph or 72 km/h and you can check it out in the video posted below.

Looks like such vehicles are actually more common in China than we initially though and there are probably more out there whose existence has not been publicized.

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