If you’ve never seen a drone big enough to accommodate a human take to the air and do a flip, then you’re in for a treat because that’s what you’ll see here. Well, there is a small asterisk that a human doesn’t actually climb on board (yet), but the drone itself is still an impressive piece of kit.

It’s still being tested, but the team behind it have built it with the goal of actually racing it. And seeing a dozen of these racing around would certainly improve upon the excitement level that we currently associate with electric vehicle racing - the secret really could be to race EVs in the air, not on the ground.

This particular drone still has some bugs being worked out, but it’s designed to take a human, be very quick and maneuverable and generally just be very exciting and impressive to see in action. It really succeeds in that respect; even just watching it take off is an experience and it even does a flip towards the end of the vide.

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