Dozens of Tesla Cybertrucks in Fort Lauderdale, FL this past week were defaced by someone with a bone to pick with Elon Musk. An unknown tagger spray painted ‘F*** Elon’ across the stainless steel body panels of 34 Cybertrucks. 

Uncensored footage of the explicit graffiti will be forever preserved thanks to social media users like onlyindade on Instagram.


The trucks had been stored in a public parking lot, pending delivery to new Cybertruck owners. Overflow lots are common for dealerships or service centers when space is limited and inventory is higher than usual. However, this particular staging area was located in a publicly accessible lot with no fence, barrier or security of any kind. Local residents interviewed by WPLG Local 10 news said that the trucks had been stored there for about 3 days and no Tesla vehicles had been seen stored in the lot previously.

This could suggest that the location was chosen quickly and unexpectedly. As InsideEVs reported last week, many hopeful Cybertruck owners were disappointed that their deliveries had been pushed back at least a week. According to Tesla employees, the trucks were under 'containment hold' while waiting on a fix for the truck’s malfunctioning windshield wiper motor. It is possible that this lot was chosen as a quick holding area while the replacement parts were in transit.

Thankfully for buyers, the graffiti was easily removed and all trucks were clean by the next day. Local police are now investigating the incident and the perpetrator better hope that these Cybertrucks did not have sentry mode engaged.

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It is unknown whether Tesla plans to use this lot for Cybertruck storage in the future. But if so, they might consider taking a few security measures first. At a minimum, Tesla should probably put up a temporary fence around the lot. 

Are you anxiously awaiting your Cybertruck in Fort Lauderdale? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to check your side panels for any blemishes or profanities before taking delivery.

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