Part of Sandy Munro's recent rise in popularity is because of how genuine he is. During his Tesla Model Y tear down series, we watched him enthusiastically explain features he found that were innovative, and get downright excited when he found a part that Tesla improved as compared to what they used in the Model 3.

However, on occasion, he groaned a bit whenever he came across something that he found to be less than acceptable. Such is the case with the latest Munro Live video that we bring you today. In this short clip, Sandy appears exasperated when he describes the expandable foam bag he uncovered in the front left lower A-Pillar of the vehicle while doing the final structural rear down. 

Sandy explains that the expandable foam is used for sound insulation, and that particular application was so badly executed that it wouldn't work. Sandy wondered why Tesla would use such material when there were proven alternatives readily available to the industry. 

Sandy Munro Model Y
The foam expansion bag on the lower A-Pillar of the Model Y
"I've never seen that before, but I can tell you it's ineffective" - Sandy Munro

He goes on to say that when he was driving the vehicle pre-tear down, he had commented that he could hear noises coming from the area where the expansion foam should have nullified those sounds. Now he knows why he heard noises from that area. He goes on to say the foam used in that area is actually "totally useless".

Sandy also points to a couple of foam expansions that were applied properly and thus were effective. Sandy promises he'll be going into more detail on how Tesla should improve these expansion foam bags in a future video. 

"This is not what we expected to see from Tesla" says Sandy Munro "Coming upon this thing was a remarkable bad find"
Sandy Munro Model Y
Sandy Munro points to a properly executed foam expansion on the Tesla Model Y

Overall, Munro has had mostly glowing reviews about how Tesla has made huge manufacturing improvements since the Model 3. However, just as he praises, he'll blast Tesla for doing something he believes is sub-standard, like what he found here, and that's why we love him.

Sandy's next series will be of him benchmarking the full-size pick-up truck market, so he's ready to compare the Cybertruck to the competition as soon as he gets his hands on one of them. As entertaining as the Model Y tear down series has been, I'm willing to wager the Cybertruck tear down will be even better.  

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