For years, Tesla owners traveling the southern section of I-95 had to deal with a major bottleneck, the Savannah, GA Supercharger. This Supercharger faced many problems, including its proximity to the highway, old and often failing charging hardware, and lines during peak travel days.

For starters, this Supercharger was difficult to find. Drivers would have to go into the Savannah / Hilton Head airport (over 2 miles from the highway), turn left at economy parking, grab a ticket, and then traverse two large parking garages just to get to the Supercharger. Once plugged in, drivers would find themselves in the farthest parking spaces away from the amenities inside the terminal, which are actually quite nice.

Those who took the walk inside were pleasantly greeted with a beautiful airport, Starbucks, clean restrooms, and a nice bar and grill. This was the only benefit of the Supercharger. Occasionally, lines formed from non-EV owners trying to leave the airport. Since it’s located inside a paid parking lot, when a large plane would arrive, the queue to pay could take over 20 minutes. Thankfully, Tesla owners did not have to pay for parking if they were charging.

And now, that is all history. Tesla drivers who drive in and out of Florida won’t have to stop at the Savannah Supercharger anymore. With the new opening of a version 3 Supercharger just up I-95 in Hardeeville, SC, travel will be much smoother on this section of road.

The benefit of V3 Supercharging has been known for some time now. Peak charging speeds of 250kW and no worries about which plug to choose since sharing a cabinet no longer affects charging performance, just to name a few. In fact, our own editor, Tom Moloughney, recently visited a station with his Model 3 Long Range and charged from dead to 50% in just 13 minutes. In contrast, the Savannah Supercharger was capped at 120kW, and you’d be lucky to achieve those speeds consistently. Many of the cabinets became unhealthy over time and weren’t serviced properly.

The Hardeeville station is located roughly 15 miles north of the Savannah Supercharger and less than one mile off of Interstate 95. Installed at a 24-hour Parkers Kitchen, a convenience store and filling station, this makes grabbing a snack and using the restroom a breeze. Drivers who would often overcharge at Santee or Kingsland Supercharger locations on either side of Savannah, to skip Savannah, can now quickly top up here at this V3. Everyone will benefit from this installation.

Now for your next trick Tesla, please install a Supercharger in Charleston.

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