Tesla and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority announced they have struck a deal to allow Tesla to install 56 new Supercharger stalls along the heavily-traveled major New Jersey highway. 

Tesla currently has only two Supercharger locations directly on the Turnpike, although there are a few located a short distance off the Turnpike. Those Superchargers are in the Molly Pitcher Service area (Cranbury Supercharger) and the Joyce Kilmer Service area (East Brunswick Supercharger). Unfortunately, those two Superchargers are only 10 miles apart and the New Jersey Turnpike is about 120 miles long. Therefore, the coverage wasn't really ideal, especially during peak holiday travel times. 

NJ Turnpike Supercharger map
NJ Turnpike Supercharger map showing the new locations

This is an agreement with Tesla, but Tesla owners are not the only drivers who will enjoy greater access to charging facilities on the Turnpike as a result of it. Tesla will install infrastructure that will offer opportunities for other providers to install non-Tesla chargers, so all electric vehicle owners who use the Turnpike will benefit. - NJ DOT Commissioner, Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti

As if just getting these much-needed Superchargers wasn't enough, the icing on the cake is that all 56 new Superchargers are going to be Telsa's new V3 high-speed Superchargers. Plus, Tesla is upgrading the existing 8 stalls at the Cranbury and East Brunswick Turnpike sites to also be V3 stations. In all, there will soon be 64 Supercharger stalls directly along the New Jersey Turnpike, and all of them will be high-speed V3 Superchargers. 

Additionally, Tesla will be tasked with paying for the infrastructure to support at least 24 high-speed charging stations for non-Tesla charging stations. However, Tesla isn't required to install the actual charging equipment, that will be left up to third-party infrastructure entities, like EVgo, ChargePoint or Electrify America. 

Personally, as a New Jersey resident and Tesla Model 3 owner, I'm very pleased to hear this announcement. It will make charging while traveling north and south in the state in my Model 3 that much more convenient. 

Tesla Model 3 at Supercharger
My Tesla Model 3 Supercharging in Rockaway, NJ

The timing of the announcement is also perfect, as NJ just passed a cash-on-the-hood rebate of up to $5,000.00 for new EV purchases and leases. Not only can you now get a Model 3 for $5,000 less in New Jersey, but you'll soon have more places to charge it, and you'll spend less time charging with the new V3 hardware. 

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