Want to play some tug of war with the Tesla Cybertruck against other vehicles like the Ford F-150? You're in luck as there's now an app that lets you do exactly that.

Ever since the debut of the Tesla Cybertruck where it was seen beating a Ford F-150 in a tug of war challenge, tugging other vehicles with Teslas has become sort of a craze.

In fact, just the other day there was a video of a Tesla Roadster tugging a monstrous Ford F-650, though the results seem a bit questionable.

If you want in on the tugging action but don't want to risk ruining your Tesla, or just want to try to simulate what the Cybertruck might be capable of doing in some tug of war, there's now a downloadable app for that.

It's called, quite simply, Tug of War Cybertruck and it's available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Best of all, it's free and looks like a lot of fun.

The creator of the app describes some of the features as follows:

Rev up your engines! It's time to see, once and for all, what the Cybertruck can really do! Measure up to multiple challengers, test your skills in different settings and environments, upgrade your truck and take down the competition in one epic tug-of-war.


- Multiple environments to evolve in (mountain, desert, snow, tunnel, racing track, Mars (yes, the planet!), and many more surprises to come)

- Give your Cybertruck a makeover (or two!) - Boost your motor, increase your traction and add weight to your Cybertruck in order to defeat your enemies

- Try to beat your best time in every level

Engines? More like motors, but we'll let that one go since you can actually pickup from the three different of the Cybertruck and can even make some mods to see how they impact the truck's tugging ability.

We could see ourselves spending some time on this app trying to crush the tuggers, could you?

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