A huge Ford F-650 pickup truck can easily beat a Tesla Roadster in a tug of war challenge, right? That's precisely what this video captures. A tug of war battle between two very unlikely opponents. it seems about as lopsided as a tug of war contest could possibly be, but that's precisely what makes it so interesting.

The video comes to us via Gruber Motor, the company that restores, revives and brings back to life the original Tesla Roadsters. Gruber states:

Just like the incredible competition between the infamous Tesla Cybertruck vs Ford F150 tow pull challenge, we decided to match the original Roadster up against the monster Ford F650!

We fully expected the monstrous Ford F-650 to totally dominate this contest, but to our surprise, that's not what happened.

The sleek vivid orange Tesla Roadster rolls out and then the behemoth truck, in a matching hue, rumbles onto the scene. The two vehicles line up bumper to bumper and the tow cable is attached. As you'll see, the tow line is very low on the Roadster and placed much higher on the F-650. This should give the big truck even more of an advantage. It's got more tires for added traction too.

It's such an unfair match up, but when it's go time, the truck begins to make even more noise, while the Roadster silently goes about its business of towing that truck right on down the road.

We're gonna go out on a limb here and say that the driver of the truck was in on the gig and that in reality, there's no chance that the Roadster would win, but still we watched it until the end and found it both humorous and entertaining.

That's not to say that a Tesla can't win (numerous Teslas, including even a Model 3, have beaten trucks already) against a pickup truck, but this particular tug of war battle seems a bit fishy. Maybe it's rigged?

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