There are many tugs-of-war between cars. They aim to demonstrate which is the strongest, or the one that has the best AWD system, with more grip. Anyway, the one used by Elon Musk to present what a Tesla Cybertruck could do to a Ford F-150 promises to be the most famous in history. Musk just released it on Twitter.

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Check his tweet with the video below. We have also managed to find it on YouTube, as you could already see above:


The video shows that, when the rope between the pickup trucks is tight enough, both begin to pull. And that the Cybertruck manages to drag a wheel-spinning Ford F-150 with no apparent effort. In fact, it makes it seem like it is pretty easy.

Tesla Cybertruck

Ford fans have already got in touch with this author to claim the Cybertruck is junk, that it is nowhere near as tough as a Ford is, etc. They will surely get in touch again to say that was by chance. That the pickup trucks should swap drivers and directions just to ensure that the Cybertruck was not merely lucky. And we would have to agree with them.

That is just one take of this demonstration. And Ford does not have a Cybertruck available to repeat this tug-of-war and confirm everything was fair and square to its product’s defeat.

Check Images Of The Live Presentation Of Tesla Cybertruck

Since that is not possible, Tesla could offer the F-150 another shot. Perhaps with a Ford team of engineers and an independent engineering company to follow everything. They could ensure the test was made in a track with the same grip conditions everywhere and swap drivers to give each of them a shot and repeat this showdown.

What do you think about it? Couldn’t Tesla at least repeat this test whenever it can? Tell us what you think on the comments below.

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