Can this tiny remote control tank tow a Tesla Model 3? It would seem impossible, given how small the tank is and how heavy the Tesla is, but somehow this mighty electric tank pulls it off.

A full-size tank could easily tow several Teslas and even run over them too, but when you see this tiny tank appear in the video, the immediate thought that comes to mind is that there's no way it'll be able to pull the Tesla.

Of course, the video tells us right away that it can, but we still had our doubts.

Armortek, the brand behind the video and the makers of the remote control tank featured within, describes this very impressive RC tank as follows:

Towing a Model 3 with an Armortek 1:6 scale all metal King Tiger.

The tank weighs in at over 120 kg and is 1.6 meters long.

Scale thickness armor means that the front armor plate is 25mm (1" thick).

Did you catch that weight? That's one heavy remote control tank. This piqued our interest so we headed on over to the Armortek website and found out that this tank will set you back some $5,000-plus, but it's already sold out. Regardless, it's just so impressive and so cool we did a little more digging.

Here are more details on this amazing tank:

Weighing in at almost 120 kg (260 lbs) and measuring a massive 1.63m (5′ 4″) in length (including the barrel) the King Tiger is Armortek’s biggest kit to date.

Excluding fasteners, the kit will contain approximately 1,800 parts and have approximately 280 unique parts.


Our option packs are constantly being developed, but at a minimum we expect the following to be available for the King Tiger:

Motion Pack

Adds remote control capability to the tank. Includes the electronics, motors and servos to enable drive, turret turn and main gun elevation.

Sound Pack

Adds immersive sounds to your tank. As the tank accelerates the tone of the engine changes. In addition the sound pack contains sounds for machine gun firing, main gun firing and many more.

Recoil Pack

Works together with the Sound Pack and adds main gun recoil action when the main gun firing sound is played. The new recoil system provides a fast recoil and a slow recovery to provide a more realistic simulation.

Smoke Pack

Adds realistic exhaust smoke to the tank.
As the option packs for the King Tiger may be enhanced over the next few months they are not available for pre-order at this time.

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