If you are a skilled metalworker and your son is crazy about cars and the Tesla Cybertruck, what do you do? Frank Sachsenhausen, from GTA Sheet Metal, built his boy an electric pickup truck for Christmas. And let him make a classy bootleg turn. He also allowed the kid to perform a tug-of-war against a Mercedes-Benz R-Class, which he wins. That is all true, and we have videos and pictures to prove that, as you can see above and below.

Gallery: Mini Cybertruck Makes Tug-Of-War Against Mercedes R-Class And Wins

Sachsenhausen used his kid’s electric go-kart as the platform for the mini-Cybertruck and, on December 11, revealed the first images of the project at GTA Sheet Metal’s Facebook page.


There are more images published there on December 16 and December 19, but the moment the little Jesse James saw his Cybertruck must have been epic. Just check what JJ, as Sachsenhausen calls him, do the bootleg turn we mentioned.

Talented kid, right? And he has a powerful machine in his hands, as the tug-of-war video shows. Sachsenhausen even seems concerned with JJ when the R-Class starts to move too quickly.

We have no idea how many kW and Nm the little EV pickup truck has, but Sachsenhausen says it is made of indestructible aluminum on a 1:4 scale. 

The mini-Cybertruck has only two doors, but the only access is through the roof. It has head and tail lights that work and that are very faithful to the ones we see on the real thing.

Check This Mini Cybertruck Beat Mercedes R-Class On Tug-Of-War

As expected, people are now asking Sachsenhausen if he is going to produce and sell more of these Cybertrucks, but so far, he has said it is a one-off and only to Jesse James. We hope JJ is able to appreciate this is not just a present. It is a loving gift. Small as 2020 still is, but very promising nonetheless. Kudos, Mr. Sachsenhausen!

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