Software improvements increase efficiency and add a few extra miles of range.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT) in China this week announced an increased NEDC driving range for three versions of the Xpeng P7 sports sedan. These include the P7’s rear-wheel-drive long-range version, rear-wheel-drive super-long-range version, and the all-wheel-drive performance version. The range improvements range from 10km to 18km. 

The only version of the P7 that didn't get an increased range rating is the standard rear-wheel-drive super-long-range, which already has the longest range rating in the P7 family. That version already boasts an NEDC range rating of 706 km, making it the longest range EV that is made-in-China. 

Xpeng cites the addition of their "X-Pedal driving mode" for the increased range. The X-Pedal driving mode increases the efficiency of the regenerative braking system, which translates into more energy recuperation. Xpeng says that by using X-Pedal mode, as much as 30% of the driving range will come from energy recuperation. The standard rear-wheel-drive super-long-range P7 already had X-Pedal driving mode software when it was range certified by the MIIT. 

The update was done over the air, supported by Xpeng's SEPA (Smart Electric Platform Architecture), and makes the P7 as the first vehicle made in China to improve its driving range through a software update.

Xpeng also states that they also optimized the P7’s battery management system software for the rear-wheel-drive long-range version to deliver better power distribution and better performance.

Details of the NEDC driving range improvements for the Xpeng P7:


RWR Long Range

RWD Super-Long Range

AWD Performance

























The P7 is Xpeng's second vehicle and first sedan, arriving two years after their first vehicle, the G3 compact SUV. The P7 is offered in rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations, with the all-wheel-drive model also being the high-performance version.

The P7's rear-wheel-drive versions have a 196 kW (263 HP) motor, and the all-wheel-drive version adds a 120 kW (161 HP) motor upfront. The second motor reduces the P7's 0-62 time from 6.7 seconds for the rear-wheel-drive version to a quick 4.3 seconds for the all-wheel-drive performance model. 

Gallery: Xpeng P7

The P7's is available in China from RMB 229,900 to 349,900 ($32,462 to $49,404) post subsidies. Xpeng currently doesn't have plans to bring the P7 to the US. However, they did recently obtain a license to road test the vehicle on American roads, which could signal the possibility of that happening at some point in the future. 

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