Although the Tesla Model 3 has been selling very well in China, it will soon face its toughest competition to date. Xpeng Motors will soon begin customer deliveries of the highly-anticipated P7 long-range sports sedan, and it's aimed directly at potential Model 3 buyers. 

Well-known YouTuber Ben Sullins produced the above video in which he asks the question, "Does the Xpeng P7 leave the Tesla Model 3 in the rearview?" As a Model 3 owner, I find it difficult to imagine that any EV today could even match the Model 3, let alone leave it behind. Nevertheless, Sullens analyzes and compares the two vehicles.

I had the opportunity to see the Xpeng P7 in person at its launch event in Guangzhou, China last November. It's a beautiful car, loaded with advanced driver's assist technology. It's also the longest-range electric car made in China, narrowly surpassing the Tesla Model 3's range by 24 miles on the generous NEDC range system. 

tesla model 3 gray 2
Xpeng P7

Sullens compares the two cars in the categories of price, range, tech, performance, and styling. He ends up with a tie but then gives the win to the Model 3 because Tesla is actually making and selling the Model 3, and Xpeng hasn't delivered any P7 just yet, although they plan to very soon. 

Coincidently, Xpeng is hosting their media drive events for the P7 today, and I was invited to go. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, I couldn't travel to China this week. However, I did reach out to a local journalist that I know and he agreed to record his P7 test drive and send me the files to use here on InsideEVs. Look for that post sometime next week.

Gallery: Xpeng P7


Hopefully, I'll get the opportunity to do a thorough P7 test drive myself soon, but until then, check out Sullen's video and let us know what you think of the Xpeng P7 and how it compares to the Tesla Model 3. 


Video description via Ben Sullins on YouTube:

There's a new EV sedan coming out of China called the Xpeng P7 with some impressive specs to really compete against the Tesla Model 3, so let's take a look and see if the Xpeng P7 will give the Tesla Model 3 a run for its money!

In this video, I'm going to compare the Tesla Model 3 against the Xpeng P7 in a couple of different categories including price, performance, estimated driving range, the technology included inside of each car, additional features like tap to open, facial recognition and voice command. And let's not forget the all-important styling differences between the Model 3 and the Xpeng P7. Do you think the Xpeng P7 can beat out the Tesla Model 3 when it comes out?

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