According to the latest car registration data from auto consultancy LMC Automotive (via Reuters), new Tesla registrations in March amounted in China to an outstanding 12,709 units!

That's a huge improvement (450% up compared to 2,314 in February) - close to the previous report about Model 3 production above 10,000 - especially taking into consideration that the overall market went down 43.4% year-over-year.

We estimate that Tesla was responsible for about a fifth of the total all-electric car market in China last month.

Moneyball provides numbers for particular models, which indicate almost 12,000 sales of the Tesla Model 3:

It seems that the Tesla Gigafactory 3 produces electric cars at full swing and a five-digit number should be a common sight in the coming months.

At a manufacturing capacity of 150,000 annually, Tesla should be able to produce at least 12,500 MIC Model 3 per month.


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