Tesla is already enjoying much success in China. However, domestic automaker Xpeng may be the first to give it some healthy competition. The automaker's P7 all-electric sedan mirrors the Tesla Model 3 in many ways. It's nice on the eyes, it's quick, and it offers plenty of range. Xpeng is banking on the fact that the P7 is considerably less expensive than the Model 3, so it may appeal to more buyers.

The last time we reported about Xpeng, it wasn't specifically about the P7, but instead, a lawsuit that Tesla filed against a former Xpeng employee for allegedly "stealing" Autopilot source code. There are many details involved, so the story's definitely worth checking out.

At any rate, back to the P7. It uses Nvidia’s Drive AGX Xavier system to manage 14 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors. Needless to say, the technology is meant to work much like Tesla Autopilot. In fact, Xpeng says it's more capable.

The Xpeng P7 is already available for order. According to the automaker, deliveries will begin in China this June. Sadly, Xpeng vehicles won't be available on our shores anytime in the near future. 

Watch the brief video above to see how the Tesla Model 3 and Xpeng P7 compare. As always, scroll down and leave us your wisdom in the comments.

Video Description via Engadget on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 vs. Xpeng P7

Tesla is seeing success in China’s electric vehicle market, but native company Xpeng may have a fighting chance to compete. Xpeng’s new P7 sedan is the company’s second production model and has some impressive benchmark results. Some configurations of the car can accelerate to 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) per hour in 4.3 seconds, and it can travel about 200 miles farther on a charge than a Tesla Model 3. (Xpeng is using a different battery benchmarking standard than Tesla, so range comparisons may not be perfect reflections of reality.) Xpeng is also hoping that its vehicles’ pricing makes them more attractive than Tesla’s offerings -- the P7 starts at 229,900 yuan (about $36,000), while the Model 3 starts at 344,050 yuan (about $48,500).

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