Xpeng Motors has already begun taking orders for their highly anticipated long-range sports sedan, the P7. With customer deliveries set to begin in June, Xpeng is showing off a special feature that the P7 will have; a synchronized light and music show.

The P7 has a strip of LED lights that extend across the entire front of the vehicle. Using those LEDs, as well as the lower driving lights, the vehicle performs a virtual "dance", similar to the Tesla Model X's light show.

The light show was discovered by the YouTube channel E For Electric and posted on their Twitter feed:


It's would appear that the P7's light show was inspired by the one available in the Model X. Tesla's version, however, definitely one-ups what Xpeng has done here because it included the falcon wing doors opening and "flapping" to the music in addition to the lights flashing. 

Initially, when P7 deliveries begin next month, the vehicle will come with a couple of simple lighting modes. However, Xpeng is going to use OTA updates to add more complex songs and light shows for the owners to select from, like what you see in the video. 

Do you think we're seeing the beginning of a trend here? Will these kinds of light shows become commonplace as cars become more capable of doing it? When I first saw the Model X's light show I thought it was cool, but I really didn't think it would ever become a trend. It's fun to watch once or twice, but can be a little annoying if the owner decides they want to play it over and over again. I've been to a couple of EV ride and drive events where that's been the case. 

Thoughts? Just a passing fad that a few cars will have or are we doomed to see these kinds of light shows on many more cars in the future?

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