If you felt like the Xpeng G3 electric crossover was an intriguing proposition, but since it’s a Chinese model that seems a bit obscure and out of reach, then get ready for a slew of videos diving deep into its many quirks.

And if you were thinking it lacked substance, because it wasn’t made by an established automaker, you should reconsider that thought because it’s actually quite compelling.

Bjørn Nyland had a G3 delivered to his home and he lived with the vehicle for a few days. And just like other previous European reviews of the electric crossover, he really seemed to like it. He tried out its carrying capacity, its many gadgets (including a summon feature) and he even did an all important range test.

For the latter, he didn’t drive around with a full battery until it was completely empty. Instead, he drove it around for a while, and based on how much charge was left after a set distance, he calculated what its estimated total range is - his result is around 426 km / 264 miles on one charge of its 65.5 kWh battery pack.

And the overall impression is that the vehicle is very capable, it is packed with features, it's practical and actually quite substantial. In China, the top spec long range model with this battery pack costs the equivalent of $36,000, relatively expensive by Chinese EV standards, but a lot of car for the money, as you will undeniably notice after watching the slew of videos below.

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