XPeng announced that this week its electric car deliveries reached a milestone of 200,000 units cumulatively. The company does not say which model is the jubilee, but the company attached to the press release an image of the P7, which represents the majority of XPeng's volume (over 100,000).

The Chinese startup delivered its first car, the G3, about three and a half years ago, in December 2018. Since then, the company has introduced also the P7 and P5 models, which together sell at over 10,000 per month. The level of 100,000 was achieved in October 2021.

It means that XPeng is just behind NIO, which crossed the mark of 200,000 units in May (204,936 as of the end of the month). Because XPeng is more of a mainstream brand and produces more cars now, it should soon become the #1 EV startup by volume (but still far behind the heavyweight player - BYD).

XPeng sales results:

  • 2018: 29
  • 2019: 12,728
  • 2020: 27,041
  • 2021: 98,155
  • 2022: 53,688 by the end of May

XPeng’s CEO and Chairman He Xiaopeng said:

“Reaching our 200,000-delivery milestone represents the trust of 200,000 customers. Every single delivery represents the trust we have earned from our customers – it’s a step closer to our transition to a smarter and greener future.”

The company announced that in Q3, it will launch its all-new XPeng G9 flagship SUV, equipped with the next-generation XPILOT platform and "ground-breaking X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture". Customer deliveries of this new model are expected to start in Q4 2022.

With the G9, XPeng will have basically four models on the market. Another two, also based on the X-EEA 3.0 architecture, will be launched in 2023.

It shows how quickly XPeng is scaling up both the production volume and its lineup. On top of that, XPeng is also trying to expand its business outside China. However, reservations for the P5 model in several European countries have been temporarily halted, due to supply chain issues.

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