The Tesla Giga Shanghai plant, which in 2021 was responsible for roughly half of Tesla's total production, is restoring full production.

In late May, we heard that the output is at 70% of the pre-lockdown level, which is backed by the recent production and sales numbers for the month of May, at respectively 33,544 and 32,165.

Reuters reports that Tesla aims to produce more than 71,000 Made-in-China (MIC) Model 3/Model Y in June, according to an internal production memo seen by Reuters.

Potentially, it might be close to reaching a new monthly record and a clear sign that Tesla's production is in full swing on two shifts.

Nonetheless, assuming 44,301 units were produced in April and May, the second quarter will end at maybe 115,300. That's still far below 178,887 during Q1, Reuters' noted.

This difference of roughly 64,000 units is basically the lost production, in line with our expectations of between 50,000-100,000 depending on various factors. It's a significant level (a solid month of production), but nothing that should stop Tesla from achieving a noticeable global year-over-year growth of production in Q2.

Reuters' unofficial sources also reveal that the current production output is at 90% of the pre-lockdown level. A separate article posted by CnEVPost, referring to the Shanghai Securities News, says that the level is already 100% as of June 9. Regardless of the exact value, the Tesla Giga Shanghai plant appears to be basically back on track.

Later this month (potentially on June 13), the plant is expected to end the closed-loop system and allow employees to return home and commute to work.

An interesting thing is that the company launched an online hiring event in China on Thursday and added two dozen new job postings (for a total of 224). In other words, there are no signs of job cuts.

Below we can take a look at the Tesla Giga Shanghai plant, in a flyover video recorded on June 1, 2022 and shared by Jason Yang.

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