The Tesla Giga Shanghai plant in China is quickly restoring production rate toward pre-lockdown output after a COVID-19 lockdown forced to halt the production for 22 days (from March 28 to April 19).

During the period from April 19 and May 19, the production amounted to about 26,000 Model 3/Model Y cars, while the production rate was approaching half of its pre-lockdown output.

According to Reuters' unofficial sources, after adding a second shift in the middle of last week (May 23), the production rate is now at nearly 70% of the pre-lockdown level, which would be roughly 40,000-50,000 per month.

"Tesla has restored weekly output at its Shanghai plant to nearly 70% of the level which it had operated at before the city's COVID-19 lockdown, according to two people familiar with the matter."

The ramp-up is expected to continue this week, which gives hope that maybe in June Tesla will be able to restore full production.

It means that there should be no issue with achieving another strong year-over-year growth in global production and sales in Q2, although the overall result might be lower by 50,000-100,000 units, compared to the business-as-usual scenario.

A quick increase in production at Tesla Giga Shanghai is crucial for Tesla's results in Europe as the German plant is still in the ramp-up phase.

A recent video, shared by Jay in Shanghai, reveals a fourth transport of Made-in-China Tesla cars to Europe since the production resumed.

According to local Chinese media Yicai (via CnEVPost), after more than two years of operation, the Tesla Giga Shanghai plant has achieved a localization rate of about 95%. It means that almost all parts are locally supplied, including the core components like batteries (CATL's LFP cells or LG Energy Solution's cylindrical NCM batteries) and powertrain.

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