XPeng continues its rebound in terms of sales volume, returning to a five-digit result in the final month of 2022.

The Chinese electric car manufacturer reports that 11,292 vehicles were delivered in December. That's the best result since July, although it's over 29 percent lower than in December 2021 (16,000).

The overwhelming majority of XPeng sales are in China.

XPeng reveals sales results only for its all-new G9 flagship SUV, which in December (the fourth month on the market) climbed to 4,020.

It means that the other three models - G3, P5 and P7 - together noted 7,272 units. That's weaker performance than a year ago (less than half of the 16,000 sold a year ago). Let's note that the P7 alone was above 8,000 or even 9,000 units a month in the best months.

Xpeng sales last month:

Xpeng EV sales – December 2022

During the fourth quarter, 22,204 XPeng electric cars were delivered (down 47 percent year-over-year).

In 2022, XPeng's car sales exceeded 120,000 units, which is a noticeable improvement over 2021, when 98,155 units were delivered. However, considering how quickly the Chinese brand was growing in 2021, this result is not fully satisfying.

  • Xpeng P7: N/A
  • Xpeng P5: N/A
  • Xpeng G3/G3i: N/A
  • XPeng G9: 6,373 (new)
  • Total: 120,757 (up 23% year-over-year)

As of December 31, 2022, cumulatively XPeng delivered 258,710 electric cars (the 200,000th car was delivered to customers in June).

It's difficult to say what to expect from XPeng in 2023, as a lot depends on demand for new electric cars in China.

CnEVPost reports that XPeng has decided to keep its retail vehicle prices unchanged, despite that starting from January 1, 2023, BEVs are no longer eligible for subsidies, which range from 10,080 to 13,860 CNY ($1,461 to $2,009), depending on the model. It basically means a price increase.

In the longer term, XPeng is expected to refresh its most popular XPeng P7 model as well as introduce new electric cars - an SUV (code name F30, according to the Chinese media) and an MPV (code name H93).

We will also see whether the plans of expansion in Europe will materialize, which is not trivial at a time when Europe is experiencing an economic slowdown.

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