January 2017 News Archive

Tesla Model S Deliveries Now Underway In Taiwan

Elon Musk: A Bigger Fan Of Thomas Edison Than Nikola Tesla

With The 100D, Tesla Expands Its Lineup To 11 Versions of the Model S and Model X - Graphs

Drive Around In An Autonomous Chevrolet Bolt - Video

Midnight Runner Café Racer With Energica EVA Skeleton and Heart

Tesla Model X Certified For Sale In Australia

Chevrolet Bolts Now On Dealer Lots In Canada, Deliveries Underway!

Detailed Range Ratings For Updated 2017 Ford Focus EV: 126 Miles In The City!

Vanda Electrics Announces The Dendrobium, Singapore’s First-Ever Hypercar

Chrysler Portal Is The Adaptable, Electric Minivan That's Seen As "True Object Of Desire" By Millennials

RWD Tesla Model S P85 Hacked To Put Out 589 HP - Video

U.S. Patent Office Grants Tesla A "Model 3" Trademark Extension

Polaris To Wind Down Victory Motorcycles But Electric Empulse Could Be Reborn

Panasonic CEO Hopes To Strike Up Self-Driving Partnership With Tesla

European Stores Now Promoting Tesla Model 3 Via In-Store Video

Nissan LEAF Sets Sales Record In Japan For 2016

California Utilities Request For Approval Of $1 Billion Of EV-Related Investments

Faraday Future Hit With $1.8 Million Lawsuit

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Gets Performance Upgrade, Slightly More Range

Faraday Future Faces Foggy Future: Executives Fleeing, Bills Unpaid, Only 60 Paid Reservations

Electric GT Racing Series Opts For CHAdeMO Over Tesla Superchargers For Model S

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Says To Expect Major Revisions To Tesla Vehicles Every 12 To 18 Months

Lucid Air Is Highlighted And Discussed By Fully Charged - Video

Top 3 Lessons Learned From Tesla CEO Elon Musk

PSA's DS E-Tense Electric Supercar Inches Closer To Production

Tesla Model X Pegged As “Most Significant Vehicle” In Regards To 2016 EV Sales Growth

In Norway Plug-In Versions Of Traditional Petrol Models Outperform In Sales

Op-Ed: Renault-Nissan Alliance Is Coming Out Of Stealth Mode

China Expected To Account For 40% Of Worldwide Production Of New Energy Vehicles In 2016

Is The Tesla P100DL Upgrade Worth The $20,000 For P90DL Owners?

Car & Driver Compares Chevrolet Volt To Toyota Prius Prime - Concludes Volt Is Worth The Extra Money

China Places Caps On Plug-In Electric Car Subsidies, Raises Incentives For Fast Charging Vehicles

Faraday Future Reportedly Logged Only 60 Paid FF 91 Reservations

Plug-In Hybrid MINI to Start From €36,000 In Europe

Tesla's Former Supply Chain Boss Discusses Model S, Model 3

China To Tighten Requirements Amidst New Energy Vehicle Subsidy Scandal

EV Market Share Hits 1.47% In US For December, Full 2016 Results Graphed

Tesla Gigafactory Cell Production Keynote To Open 34th International Battery Seminar

Renault To Release Twizy Hardware / Platform As An Open Source EV

All-Electric, Autonomous Rinspeed Oasis (complete with plants) Shows Up At NAIAS - videos

Renault Kangoo Z.E. Gets 33 kWh Battery Update, 50% More Range

WardsAuto Explains Why 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Is Deserving Of “10 Best Engines” Award

US Federal $7,500 Electric Vehicle Credit Expiry Date By Automaker

Chevrolet Releases Library of 2017 Bolt EV Videos Detailing The Car

Germany Registered Just 9,023 Applications For EV Subsidies Since Program's Launch In July

WardsAuto Explains Why 2017 Chevrolet Volt Is Deserving Of "10 Best Engines" Award

Mercedes: "Now Is The Right Time For Electric Drive", Shows Off Vision Electric Van And Gen EQ At CES

Navya Arma Electric Self-Driving Shuttles Visits 2017 CES - Video

Tesla Model X Valet Mode Demonstration - Video

ChargePoint Express Plus Debuts: Offers Industry High 400 kW DC Fast Charging

Eli ZERO Urban Electric Car Debuts At CES: A NEV Arriving in 2017 From ~$10,000

Chrysler Unveils Portal Electric Minivan - 100 kWh Battery & 250 Miles Of Range (w/video)

Can Preheating Melt The Snow Off A Tesla Model X? - Video

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