Three out of the top 20 best selling models in Norway in 2016 are available only as plug-in cars (Nissan LEAF, BMW i3 and Tesla Model S).

And as it turns out, six more vehicles in top 20 that are available in both plug-in and non plug-in versions, sell better as a plug-in.

Lets check out specifically how plug-in vehicles sold better than their ICE (internal combustion engine) counterparts:

The #1 seller in Norway is the Volkswagen Golf - but the 13,148 new registrations were achieved only because nearly 69% were plug-ins (4,705 all-electric e-Golfs and 4,337 plug-in hybrid Golf GTEs).

#2 best selling is the Mitsubishi Outlander with 5,687, but an amazing 90.3% of those were the Outlander PHEV (5,136).

The third best seller in Norway is the Toyota Rav4, which is not available as plug-in, but the majority of fourth place Volkswagen Passat sales was the Passat GTE (53% or 2,552 out of 4,813).

Among spots 11 through 20, we spot the Audi A3 at #11 with 3,018 sales, 75.6% of which were A3 e-tron sales (2,283); while the all-electric Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED took even more share of the total B-Class registrations at 83.4% or 1,895 out of 2,271.

Also of note:

BMW 225xe Active Tourer holds 70.7% of BMW 2-series or 1,332 out of 1,883, while the BMW 330e iPerformance noted only 24.1% or 300 out of 1,244 BMW 3-series registrations but we believe even that number will drastically improves as the model's production has yet to catch up to worldwide demand.

On the other hand, BMW X5 surprised us by noting 80% of overall sales (955 out of 1,194) for the X5 xDrive40e.

Volkswagen up! had 1,589 new registrations, and of those 72.2% were all-electric e-ups!

Of the two major Volvo models Volvo V60 (1,498) and Volvo XC90 (1,438) nearly half of its results are owed to plug-in hybrid versions - 48.7% (730) and 47.8% (688) respectively.

The Kia Soul EV is a model that almost exclusively sells as an all-electric, logging a 97.3% share, or 1,175 out of 1,208. The latest Korean entry, in form of Hyundai IONIQ, also relies mostly on the all-electric version over conventional hybrid - 74.9% (646 out of 863).

Audi Q7 noted 385 plug-in hybrid registrations, of which is 82.8% of total 465, while the passenger van Nissan NV200 in 9/10ths electric - 347 out of 381 (91.1%).Even the Porsche Cayenne in 78.2% of the cases is sold as a plug-in hybrid (103 out of 133).

The main conclusion here is that in Norway, thanks to strong EV incentives, consumers definitely are choosing plug-ins electric vehicles far more often over their petrol counterparts if given the opportunity.

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