The Electric GT (EGT) Championship recently adjusted its plans for its upcoming racing series by switching from the P85 Model S to a more capable P100D.

MAGNUM CAP's CHAdeMO fast charger

Another new development is the Series' order of 20 CHAdeMO chargers (and 20 CHAdeMO-Tesla adapters) from Magnum Cap, its new official charging partner.

Specifically, EGT opted for 55 kW CHAdeMOs (one per car) instead of Tesla's Superchargers (which are also available in "mobile" versions for events).

"There will be 20 CHAdeMO-standard fast charger DC units, which will provide around 55 kW/h of power to each EGT race-prepared Tesla Model S P100D for season one.

MAGNUM CAP currently has installed equipment in 17 countries and the partnership with EGT further enhances both as global icons for sustainability."

MAGNUM CAP CEO José Henriques said:

“This partnership is very important to MAGNUM CAP as it is totally aligned with the company’s vision; to make the world a better place by having clean, efficient energy, which is renewable. The Electric GT Championship will accelerate the world’s transition to sustainability, in particular the adoption of renewable energy in transportation. As an EGT partner, MAGNUM CAP will prove their state of the art, fast-charging technologies at the highest level.“

Electric GT Championship CEO Mark Gemmell added:

“I’m very pleased to have MAGNUM CAP on board with us for season one. They have a lot of innovative ideas and experience, which I’m really looking forward to ahead of our inaugural campaign.

“Over the coming days we will also be announcing our electricity supplier. Everything’s beginning to fit in place, and now I’m just excited to get going later this year!”

Note 0 to 62 MPH Times Of 2.1 Seconds - Image Via Electric GT Twitter

Electric GT Championship:

  • starts in 2017
  • worldwide championships – 7 events on famous tracks including the Nurburgring (Germany), Circuit Paul Ricard (France) and Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona (Spain), and three non-championship race events in the Americas
  • Tesla Model S P85 race cars
  • 10 teams with 20 drivers
  • Two races per event: Weekends will consist of a 20-minute practice session, 30-minute qualifying, a day race (60 km) and a dusk race (60 km)
  • Each round will be a weekend-long festival of technology and innovation for sustainability, in and around the circuits. Fans will be able to stream races via Periscope, Twitch and YouTube, as well as interact directly with the teams using social media platforms.

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