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July 2021 News Archive

Hyundai And LGES Announce EV Battery Cell Plant In Indonesia

Elon Musk Would Love To Develop A Supersonic VTOL Electric Jet

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Achieves WLTP Range In Bjørn Nyland's Range Test

Tesla Lowers Price Of Model 3 SR+ In China

VW Partner QuantumScape: 10-Layer Solid-State Battery Development

Here's What Rivian's First Service Centers Look Like

Rivian All-Electric Amazon Delivery Vans Testing On Detroit Roads

Ford's EVs Celebrate Their ICE Ancestors In Olympics Commercial

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Impresses In Bjorn's Banana Box Test

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Shows Hydrogen Fuel Cell Pickup

Here's A Look At Tesla's Ongoing Battle With Door Handles

New Sub-Renegade Jeep Will Reportedly Be Fully Electric

EV Sales In Italy Grow In June With Dacia Spring Debut

EVs In 60ish Seconds: This Week's Top News 

LG And Magna Officially Launch LG Magna e-Powertrain

White House Wants 40% Of US New Car Sales To Be EVs By 2030

Bentley Launches Flying Spur PHEV With Lavish Odyssean Edition

Tesla Model X Beaten By Fiat Panda Cross In Off-Road Challenge

Europe: Plug-In Car Sales Surge In June 2021

CATL Unveils First-Generation Sodium-Ion Battery

Here's What An Actual Pilot Thinks Of Tesla's Autopilot

Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Destroy Porsche Taycan Turbo S In Drag Race

VW Highlights 10 'Surprisingly Smart' Features On The ID.4

Mercedes Teases EQE, Confirms First-Ever AMG EV For IAA 2021

White House Says EV Charging Will Get $7.5B In Infrastructure Bill

Rivian Trademarks R3S, R4S, R5S, R3T, R4T And R5T Names

Mitsubishi Announces All-New Outlander PHEV Model

Tesla To Use 1-3 Battery Cell Formats

Facelifted Kia Ceed Sportswagon PHEV Denied UK Visa

Porsche Taycan 4S Shines In 100%–0% Range Test At The Speed Limit

New Report Slams UK Charging Points For Difficulty To Use

XPeng Launches Refreshed G3, The G3i Compact SUV

Ford F-150 Lightning Reservations Reach 120,000

Tesla Production Sites By Model Assignment, Capacity: July 2021

Citroën DS And Electric Power Go Together Like Bread And Butter

Not Only Does Tesla Skip Ads, It May Be Moving Out Of Fancy Malls

Tesla Model S Plaid Fast Charging Results Amaze: Analysis

Audi Skysphere Study Teased As First Of Three Major Concepts

Tesla Q2 2021 Final EV Delivery Numbers And Outlook

Tesla Autopilot: Driver Monitoring Is Crucial When System Is Off

US: Tesla Pushes Back Delivery Times Of Non-Performance Versions

Ford Ion Park Battery Lab To Open In Romulus, Michigan In 2022

Fully Electric Towing Rig & Audi e-tron Sportback Set New Record

Check Out This Tesla Model X Plaid Seen At The Fremont Factory

Mercedes-Benz Acquires YASA

One-Off Ford Mustang Mach-E Is A Cool Tribute To WW2 Women Pilots

Report: Rivian Planning To Invest $5 Billion In Second US Plant

Police Department Says Moving To Tesla Model 3 Brought Big Savings

Electrify America Will Begin to phase out CHAdeMO In 2022

Are Tesla Cybertruck Delays Imminent? Will Model Y Get 4680s?

Mercedes-Benz EQS Charging Analysis Reveals It's Faster Than Plaid

Tesla Energy Generation And Storage Business: Q2 2021 Results

Tesla Model S Plaid Is Back At The Ring, You Know What That Means

Elon Musk Says Tesla Is Like The 'Baskin Robbins Of Batteries'

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Charges Hyundai Camper Via Bidirectional Charging

Tesla Hints At Simple Solution For Supercharging Non-Tesla EVs

Tesla's 4680 Cells: Substantial Progress, But...

The Most Satisfied EV Owners In Norway Drive Teslas, Survey Shows

Tesla's Cars Saving People In China, & Not Via Safety Features

Here's How Tesla Survived Chip Shortages And Even Grew Production

Lucid Group Goes Public After CCIV Merger, Raises $4.4 Billion

SNE Research: Global xEV Battery Market More Than Tripled In May 2021

Tesla Delays (Again) Semi Launch To 2022, What About Cybertruck?

Pic Of Ford F-150 Lightning Display Shows Incredible Range Estimate

Porsche Vision Renndienst Electric Minivan Reveals Neat Interior

New Survey Suggests Nearly Half Of Americans Would Consider An EV

Tesla Ships Body In White Model Y To Texas For Robot Calibration

Here's How Elon Musk Uses 'Wonder And Fear' To Promote Tesla

Elon Musk Says Tesla FSD Beta Update V9.1 Coming Friday, July 30

DragTimes Tests Tesla Model S Plaid On The Dyno: Unsuccessfully

Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Set New 1/4 Mile Record: 9.081 Seconds

VW ID Buzz Electric Van To Come In Three Different Flavors

Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Blow Supercar Owners' Minds

Porsche's Cellforce Group Will Start Battery Production In 2024

EV Charging Networks Are Starting To Offer 'Roaming' Services

Learn The Truth About EV Range And Towing: How Far Can You Go?

Ford Mustang Mach-E Teardown: Battery Tray, Modules And Cells

BYD Celebrates Production Of 100,000th Han

Rivian Closes $2.5 Billion Funding Round

Revised Tesla Model S Will Only Come With A Yoke, Says Musk

Kia EV6 Gets Up To 528 km (328 miles) Of WLTP Range

How Much Revenue Will Tesla Make From Sharing Superchargers?

GM Issues Second Chevrolet Bolt EV Recall After Multiple Fires

See Tesla Giga Austin After A Year Of Construction Work

Is It Time For Hotels To Offer EV Charging Stations?

New Mercedes S 580 e PHEV Offers 62-Mile EV Range For €123,736

Tesla Model S Plaid Charging At 936 MPH: Can Rivals Beat It?

Fisker Ocean Coming To 2021 LA Auto Show, Has 17,300 Reservations

Alpha Superwolf Electric Pickup Looks Great But Will It Happen?

China: BYD Plug-In Electric Car Sales Hit New Record In June 2021

Rivian Electric Truck Startup Seeking Location For 2nd US Factory

Mercedes Teases Maybach EQS SUV, Confirms Electric G-Class For 2024

Tesla-Owning Toyota Exec Argues Against BEVs, Favors HEVs, PHEVs

Volkswagen ID.6 Duo (X And CROZZ) Enter Chinese Market

Tesla's FSD Subscription Too Pricey? Simply Add & Cancel Freely

Ernst & Young: Electric Cars Are Coming Sooner Than Anticipated

Check Out Some Of This Week's Compelling EV News Highlights

Susie Wolff: 'One Wolff in Formula One is enough!'

Tesla Semi 4680 Battery Pack Engineering Analysis

Mercedes: Electric-Only Platforms From 2025, Vision EQXX Teased

China: Wuling Sold 29,000 Hong Guang MINI EV In June 2021

Tesla Model S Plaid Vs Raven: Weighed, Measured And Raced

Smart EQ ForTwo Racing Green Edition Costs Tesla Model 3 Money

Don't Order A Model 3 Before Trying Hyundai Ioniq 5, Review Says

Volkswagen Group More Than Tripled Electric Car Sales In Q2 2021

Rivian Announces Charging Partnership With Tennessee State Parks

Roush CleanTech's Next F-650 Electric To Get Proterra Batteries

Tesla Model 3 Towing: Efficiency Versus Model S, Taycan, More

Tesla Model 3 Handles Flooded Streets In China Like A Boss

Sad The Tesla Model S Plaid Is Silent? Tesla Has A Solution

Presenter Will Buxton Joins

2022 Volvo XC40/C40 Recharge Come With 250 kWh Charging Credit

Valmet Automotive Will Build Lightyear One EV In Finland From 2022

MG5 EV Gets Bigger Battery For 250-Mile Range, Costs £26,495

Rivian Rises To Role As Rocket Taxi For Crewed Blue Origin Launch

Carwow's Range Calculator Will Help Find The EV You Need

Rivian R1T, R1S Delays Not Affecting Amazon Electric Van Rollout

Is Tesla Semi Really Ready To Go Into Production?

Will The Wrangler EV Drive Underwater Come 2030? Jeep Says Maybe

Wall Street Journal: Foreign Brands Struggle To Catch Tesla China

UK Insurance Industry Wants EVs To Replace Totalled Gas Cars

Mercedes' Largest Truck Plant To Build Electric, Fuel-Cell Trucks

Sandy Munro Experiences Tesla FSD Beta 9 In Tesla Model Y

US: Volvo Announces Prices For 2022 C40 Recharge: $58,750 MSRP

Ford Mustang Mach-E Road Trip Video Reveals Regen-Related Issues

Auto Shift Coming To Tesla Model 3 And Model Y, Musk Tweets

Tesla Cybertruck & Next-Gen Roadster Debut In Video Game

Watch Out Tesla, These Used EVs Are Plenty Peppy: Drag Race Fun

Tesla Model S Plaid Max Performance Secured, No Sticky Drag Strip

Elon Musk Is 'Pioneer' Of Purpose-Driven Brands, Says New Study

Watch Detailed Tesla Model S Plaid Overview

Tesla Model 3 LR 82 kWh: New Record In Bjørn's 1,000 Km Challenge

Lucid Air To Debut Pirelli's New P Zero HL Tire For EVs

Capability, Durability: Key Attributes Of Ram Electric Truck

Rimac Nevera Makes Taycan And M5 Look Hopeless In Drag Race

2021 Nissan Leaf Features New Tune To Prevent Accidents

Electric Cars Reach 40 Percent Market Share In Switzerland

Tesla Repair Cost $16K, We Did It For $700: We'll Show You How

VW ID.4 Max Priced From £48,510 In UK

The Roadie: Is This The Future Of Mobile EV DC Fast Charging?

Tesla Launches Full Self-Driving (FSD) Subscription Service

Mustang Mach-E GT Now Available In UK With Prices From £67,225

EVs To Be Biggest Revolution In Cars Since 1913, Says BBC

Hoovie Buys Older Tesla Model S With Possibly Failing Battery

Jeep Announces Fully Electric Models In Every SUV Segment By 2025

Rivian Delays First Deliveries To September (R1T) And Fall (R1S)

Everrati And Superformance Will Build An All-Electric GT40

The Renault Twizy Is Old But Still Much Fun, Video Shows Why

Munro Live Compares Ford Mach-E Thermal System To Tesla Model Y

Porsche Sold Almost 20,000 Taycan In H1 2021

Ford Patent: Fascinating EV Charging Ideas Related To Towing

Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Make 2 Crazy Quick Quarter-Mile Passes

UK: Electric Citroen e-SpaceTourer Revamped With Lower Price

Musk Admits Tesla Cybertruck Could Flop, Doesn't Care As He Loves It

Toyota-Panasonic's Battery JV To Halve Costs By 2022

Tesla Increased Sales In California By 85% In Q2 2021

GM Expands Ultium Charge 360 Program To Commercial Fleets

Netherlands: Plug-In Car Sales More Than Doubled In June 2021

Germany: Plug-In Car Sales More Than Tripled In June 2021

Ford F-150 Lightning Is Priced Much Like Gas F-150, But How?

Motorsport Games Signs Agreement To Bring The Official IndyCar Game To Market

Tesla Supercharging Network Is Being Upgraded To 300 kW

Ford Will Address Mustang Mach-E Overheating From Regen Braking

Volkswagen Group BEVs To Be Based On Scalable Systems Platform

South Korea: Tesla Takes Almost 44% Of The EV Market In H1 2021

Op-Ed: 600-Mile Chevy Bolt EUV Trip, Charging Disasters/Solutions

Mammoth Diesel Vs. Electric: Audi Q7 V12 TDI Races e-tron Sportback

Official: Ford Makes Gas-Scented Fragrance For Mustang Mach-E GT

BMW CEO Talks Tesla, EVs, & Keeping ICE Cars Alive

Tesla Model S Plaid Drag Strip Mode Vs Raven, More: Epic Race Day

Bosch CVT Transmission For EVs Improves Performance And Efficiency

Hyundai EV Sales Surge In June 2021 Thanks To Ioniq 5

LG Chem Will Invest $5.3 Billion In Battery Materials By 2025

Lucid Announces Mobile Service Program, Vehicle Warranty Terms

New Kia Soul EV Ditched In America In Favor Of Electric Niro

Used Electric Coda Sedan Is A Reliability Nightmare

Watch Exclusive 2021 Pikes Peak Race Recap: Tesla Model S Plaid

You Will Get The Longest EV Range In These Five Cities

VW CEO Confident EVs Will More Than Double US Market Share By 2030

GM To 50,000 Bolt Owners: Don't Park Inside, Don't Charge Overnight

Stellantis Will Use SVOLT's Batteries From 2025 On

VW XL1 PHEV Is A Quirk Fest, Doug DeMuro Has A Field Day With It

European Commission Proposes Ban For ICE Cars From 2035 On

Mercedes Accelerates Pace To Stop Selling ICE By Decade’s End

Volkswagen ID.8 Larger Electric SUV Announced

Tesla's Legal Team Goes After Model 3 'Brake Failure' Claim

Third Volkswagen Gigafactory To Be Built In Spain

Volkswagen Group Will Develop Unified Cell With Gotion High-Tech

Yay Or Nay? Kia EV7 Mid-Size Electric SUV Rendered With EV6 Cues

Tesla Model S Plaid Meets Its Match, And The Rival Is Unexpected

Is Tesla Spending $100,000 A Day On A Huge Times Square Ad Spot?

EV Battery Makers Are Competing For Tesla 4680 Cell Contract

Pininfarina Teorema EV Debuts As Radical Concept With Unique Seating Layout

Volkswagen Group Outlines NEW AUTO Strategy Through 2030

Watch Crazy Lady Karate Kicking Car Caught On TeslaCam

VW ID.4 Taking 48-State Drive, Will Hit 600 Dealers, 200 Chargers

2022 Audi e-tron GT On Sale This Summer, Prepare At Least $100K

Electrify America's 'Boost Plan' Will Double Its Network By 2025

Will Tesla's Giga Berlin Start Production Before Giga Austin?

70% Of Peugeot Models To Be Electrified In 2021

Nissan Ariya Spied In Vermont, See It Uncovered At Chicago Show

Tesla Solar Roof Vs Massive & Damaging Hailstorm In Texas

Verkor Raises €100 Million To Develop EV Batteries in France

Tesla Has Started Process Of Making Its Fremont 'Tent' Permanent

Tesla Upgrades Powerwall As It Works To Build A Global Utility

Ford Mustang Mach-E Set Guinness World Record For Efficiency

Elon Musk's Table Salt Lithium Extraction Now Has A Tesla Patent

Motorsport Network Becomes The Official Motorsport Partner Of The IAA MOBILITY In Munich

Tesla And Samsung Reportedly Sign $436M Deal For Cybertruck Cameras

Opel Astra Debuts In Europe With Two Plug-In Hybrid Powertrains

US-Made Tesla Model Y Now Comes With Bioweapon Defense Mode

Tesla With FSD V9 Goes Around SF’s Lombard Street On Its Own

Watch Tesla Model S Drag Race 770 HP V10-Powered Formula One Car

German Supplier To Build GM's First Batch Of BrightDrop EV600 Vans

New Spy Photos Shed More Light On Volkswagen ID Buzz

Everything You Need To Know About Charging The Mustang Mach-E

Ford Mach-E Vs Tesla Model Y: Suspension & HV Wire Comparison

2022 Audi Q5 PHEV Will Go Further With Bigger Battery: EPA Rating

McMurtry Speirling Debuts At Goodwood As The Loudest EV Ever

Refreshed Tesla Model X Out Driving: New Interior, Yoke, Wheels

New EV Air Conditioner Refrigerant Said To Extend Range By 50%

What Will Elon Musk Reveal On Tesla's Upcoming AI Day?

2022 Audi A7 PHEV Gets Bigger Battery, Few More EPA EV Miles

Tesla Vision Sees Brake Lights: Turn Signals, Hazards, More Soon

Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Race 2019 Model S Raven With Ludicrous

Watch Tesla Model 3 Race GMC Hummer EV Prototype

See How Tesla Model S Plaid Compares To Ferrari, Lamborghini...

Watch Fully Charged Do A Detailed Kia EV6 Walkaround

Brand New Tesla Model S Plaid Breaks Down: Report

Tesla Model 3 With FSD Beta V9 Successfully Completes Fog Challenge

Mazda MX-30 Rotary Range Extender Shelved, Hybrids To Use It First

Check Out Tesla FSD V9 And Its New ‘Mind Of Car’ Feature

Bjørn Nyland Checks Out 2021 Tesla Model 3 LR (82 kWh) Range

NIO To Install Over 4,000 Battery Swap Stations By End Of 2025

2021 Tesla Model 3 LR AWD With 82 kWh Battery: Charging Analysis

Tesla Dangerously Coal-Rolled By Reckless Pickup Truck Driver

What Is OCPP, & Why Is It Important To Electric Car Adoption?

Audi Q4 e-tron Priced At Just Over £40,000 In UK

BMW Group More Than Doubled Plug-In Car Sales In Q2 2021

EV Laggard Australia Supplies Tesla's Lithium & Nickel: Ironic?

Volvo Penta Starts Production Of E-driveline For EV Fire Truck

Watch DragTimes' Tesla Model S Plaid Full Performance Tests

Ford Mustang Mach-E Winner Of C&D 2021 EV Of The Year Award

Tesla Road Rage: Tow Truck Swerves To Run Model 3 Off The Road

Ford Mustang Mach-E Battery Exposed

Rivian Officially Confirms 2022 European Sales Plans

Lightyear One Needed Just 60 kWh To Drive 441 Miles At 53 MPH

Viral TikTok TeslaCam Shooting Video Helps Police Arrest Attacker

Tesla Model Y Standard Range Woos China Buyers To Reconsider

Look Out Tesla Cybertruck, RAM Has A 500-Mile Pickup Truck Too

Watch Three Different Teslas Race 8 Other EVs On 1,000-Mile Trip

Tesla Model Y Is Coming To Europe This Quarter... From China

Pininfarina To Design Hercules' Alpha EV Pickup, Future Vehicles

Tesla Shows MIC Model Y Quality Control Process

Opel Confirms Manta-e For Production, Looks Like A Crossover Coupe

New Chrysler EV Concept Teased, Sends Airflow Vision 2.0 Vibes

SparkCharge And Urgently Partner To Increase Availability Of Mobile EV Charging

Renault Megane Ditches ICEs In The UK, Is Now PHEV-Only

Stellantis Presents Comprehensive Electrification Strategy

Rivian Files Patent For Maneuverability-Enhancing K-Turn Mode

Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Crazy Acceleration Vs 69 Nitrous Camaro

Dodge Teases Muscle EV Coming In 2024, Will Do Four-Wheel Burnouts

Ram Teases Electric 1500 Pickup Truck Coming In 2024

Tesla Plaid: What Happens When You Just Stomp On The Accelerator?

EV Charging Infrastructure Growth Isn't About Replacing Gas Stations

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta V9 Begins Shipping Saturday, July 10

UK: New Charge Point Standards Will Make EVs More Accessible

Watch What Neural Network-Powered Tesla Vision 'Sees' While Driving

Hot Polestar 2 Prototype With 476 HP Debuts At Goodwood

Bjørn Nyland Checks Vampire Drain In MIC Tesla Model 3 SR+ (LFP)

Aluminum-Air Batteries Could Benefit EVs, But Must Be Swapped

Sandy Munro Reveals Why Volkswagen ID.4 Has No Frunk

Mini Urbanaut Vision Becomes A Real Vehicle

Check Out Tesla Model 3/Model Y's Modular Electric Drive Units

New Bentley Flying Spur PHEV Has 536 HP, 25-Mile Electric Range

Could Tesla Be Selling 10 Million Cars A Year By End Of Decade?

New Radical Looking Kia Sportage Will Also Come As PHEV

Sentry Mode Catches Man Purposely Damaging Tesla Model 3

Mercedes-Benz Cars Quadrupled Plug-In Car Sales In Q2 2021

Study Expects More EVs Than ICE Vehicles Will Be Sold By 2033

Musk Confirms Plaid UI Coming To Model 3/Y With FSD Wide Release

VW Trolls Tesla In China, Followed By Troubling Issues Of Its Own

2018 Tesla Model S With 400,000 KM Still On Original Brake Pads

Tesla Production And Deliveries Graphed Through Q2 2021

Big Oil Knows Hydrogen Is Dead End, But Uses It To Delay Electrification

Elon Musk Concedes Making Autonomous Cars Is Harder Than Expected

This Tesla Model S Plaid Raffle Has Amazing Odds, Enter To Win

Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Crash: Operator Error Or Tech Issue?

China: GM Expands Design Center To Accelerate EV Development

Volvo, Daimler And Traton Plan Charging Network For Trucks

Moscow Stops Diesel Bus Purchases, Goes Electric

UK: Plug-In Car Sales Surge To Over 17% Market Share In June 2021

Watch Ford Mustang Mach-E Battery Removal By Munro Live

Canoo Sport Vehicle Spotted As Sleek 4-Door Tesla Model 3 Rival

Norway: Plug-In Car Sales Nears 85% Share In June 2021

Alpine Renault R5 Hot Hatch Reportedly Coming In 2024 With 215 HP

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales May 2021: Over 440,000

Years Ago Elon Musk Entered The 'Lion's Den,' His Responses Wowed

US: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales Remain Low In Q2 2021

SK Innovation Targets Battery Production Of Over 500 GWh By 2030

Ford Dealer Could Not Fix These Mach-E Issues, According To Owner

US: Volvo Sold Almost 2,500 Plug-Ins In June 2021

Rivian-Amazon Delivery Vans Are Coming

US: BMW i3 Sales Barely Above 500 In Q2 2021

BMW i4 Has Twice As Many Pre-Orders As iX In The United States

US: Audi e-tron Sales Above 2,500 In Q2 2021

US: Jeep Wrangler 4xe Becomes 'No. 1 Best-Selling PHEV' In Q2 2021

All-Electric Successor To Volvo XC90 Will Get New Name

UK Car Industry Wants 2.3 Million Charging Points By 2030

BMW iX Enters Production At The Dingolfing Plant

Europe Plans 38 Battery Factories, Could Become A Top Producer

Elon Musk Confirms Rear Wheel Steering In Tesla Cybertruck

Volkswagen ID Buzz Will Look A Lot Like This In Production Guise

US: Nissan LEAF Sales Rebound To Almost 5,000 In Q2 2021

US: Toyota Plug-In Car Sales Surge To Over 18,000 In Q2 2021

Check Out Tesla Cybertruck's Unique Solar Charging Tonneau Cover

US Government Ad About American-Made EVs Forgets Tesla Model 3

Will Dodge Tease New Tesla Plaid-Rivaling Performance EV On July 8?

Tesla Model Y Standard Range Returns, Only In One Market For Now

Tesla Delivers Record-Setting 201,250 Cars In Q2 Globally

NHTSA Has Made Automated Driving-Related Crash Reports Mandatory

UPDATE: Porsche Recalls About 43,000 Taycans For Power Loss Issue

Some Drivers Have No Clue What Green Number Plates Mean In UK

General Motors Invests In 'Low-Cost' California Lithium Venture

Nissan Teases New CMF-EV-Based Electric Crossover

New Video Celebrates 50 Years Of Elon Musk: Happy Birthday, Elon!

UK: Nissan Announces EV36Zero EV Hub And Envision AESC Gigafactory

Europe: Plug-In Car Sales Almost Quadrupled In May 2021

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