Ram, now a Stellantis brand, has just confirmed that it plans to launch its own fully-electric pickup truck in 2024.  It has also teased the vehicle in one mostly obscured image that shows a very sleek and modern shape, with a full light bar across the front and a C-pillar area that has some first-gen Honda Ridgeline in it.

We don’t know if what we saw in the teaser is the next-gen Ram 1500 pickup which in turn will get an electric version, or if they will just call it 1500 even though the EV will be mechanically different. Ram may choose to keep the name in order to make the electric truck seem more familiar to buyers.

The manufacturer was reportedly working on new platforms specifically for body-on-frame electric vehicles, although the report was never officially confirmed. We’re pretty sure Ram is cooking something, but at the same time the platform may not be exclusive to Ram, and it could also be used by other brands such as Jeep and even Fiat for its commercial vehicle range.

Gallery: Ram Pickup Teaser

So what do we know about the 2024 Ram 1500 EV? Well, not much, other than the fact that the manufacturer says it will surpass rival offerings. We don’t know in which areas specifically, but Ram seems very confident that its electric pickup will be a winner.

Details on the electric 1500 are sparse right now, but the company did say the model was not only going to be shown in 2024, but that it would go into production that same year. Furthermore, Ram has announced that it will have a fully-electric offering in most segments where it’s present, and it expects to cover all segments fully by 2030.

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