Earlier this year, Rivian’s CEO RJ Scaringe announced that the company was planning to launch six more models by 2025, to complete its range alongside the R1T and R1S which should begin reaching customers this September. We had no details on what these models would be exactly, but now we have some idea thanks to some trademarks that were recently filed by the company.

Rivian trademarked R3S, R4s, R5S, R3T, R4T And R5T with the United States Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO), according to a post on the Rivian Owners Forum. This leads us to believe that the manufacturer will actually be adding three models to its lineup and that each of these three models will be available as either a pickup or a two-box SUV-type vehicle; six models in total.

This is based on its current lineup where the R1T and R1S are more or less the same vehicle, but with a different body. Of the two, the R1T has the longer wheelbase (135 inches or 3.43 meters versus 123 inches or 3.12 meters) and it is also longer overall too - this will probably remain true for future models, given the fact that pickup versions of a certain model are usually longer than the SUV.

Interestingly, there are no R2T and R2S trademarks filed, at least not recently. If you go to the USPTO and search for Rivian, you’ll discover that the company applied for those trademarks a few years back, along with R1C, R1A, R1V, R2C, R2A, R2X and R2R.

We still don’t know if these new vehicles will be larger or smaller, based purely on their names. However, given the fact that the R1S, for instance, is already close to what in the US is considered a full-size SUV and it can already be had with seating for seven, it is more likely that these new Rivians will all be smaller and the R1 line of models will be the brand’s flagship.

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