A fan of InsideEVs reached out to use to share a TikTok video, which he also shared on YouTube. In the email, he told us he had a chance to have a "little small race" with a GMC Hummer EV prototype. And, that's sort of what this looks like.

As you can see from the very short video above, Tesla Model 3 owner Toni Ezero pulled up next to a Hummer EV prototype on a public road. It appears the two made eye contact, smiled, and simply accelerated a bit. It doesn't look like a full-fledged race, and it doesn't appear as though they were aggressive or even speeding. Rather, as far as we can tell, this is just some good, clean, safe EV love.

The "race" took place in Detroit, which comes as no surprise due to GM's presence here in Michigan. We've already seen a few Hummer EVs driving around north of Detroit. Perhaps even more interesting is that the encounter occurred on Detroit's famous Woodward Avenue, which is where the state's Dream Cruise takes place every summer.

The Woodward Dream Cruise has always been an opportunity for people to show off their classic cars and rev their engines. However, over the past few years, some folks have used it to bring attention to their EVs, and more specifically, plenty of Tesla vehicles.

At any rate, the Hummer EV driver was a GM employee. Ezero notes that the driver was friendly and willing to do a little quick run. He also writes that the Hummer EV is fast, but the Model 3 with the Performance Boost upgrade would likely have easily overtaken the truck if this were a real race. Ezero writes:

"I caught up to the employee driving the vehicle at a light shortly after for a quick chat. He mentioned that the watts to freedom mode was not enabled which is GMs performance mode for the hummer. I was at about 60% state of charge with my model 3 long range when we raced with 20in aftermarket Ev direct wheels."

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