YASA (formerly Yokeless And Segmented Armature), a British electric motor specialist in axial-flux electric motors, founded in 2009, was acquired by Mercedes-Benz.

The company will continue to operate from its UK headquarters as a fully owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz, providing electric motor solutions for the general industry, including its existing customers like Ferrari, and for Mercedes-Benz who entered into partnership with YASA in 2019.

The German manufacturer intends to use YASA's electric motors specifically in its upcoming Mercedes-Benz AMG.EA electric-only platform, dedicated to performance EVs.

YASA's axial-flux electric motors are known for an outstanding efficiency, high power density, small size and low weight.

"YASA will help to develop pioneering best-in-class electric drive innovations to give Mercedes-Benz exceptional performance in a new electric era."

"Following the acquisition, YASA and its 250 employees will continue to operate from its headquarters and production facility in Oxford, UK. YASA will provide electric motors for Mercedes-Benz’s AMG.EA electric-only platform, while also acting as an innovation partner pioneering new electric drive technology for the Group. "

Usually, manufacturers rely on the radial electric motor design, while YASA concentrates on the axial-flux design, with very thin segments (multiple of those might be combined into a single drive unit with the required power and torque output).

We guess that the axial-flux design suits performance applications, while we've yet see whether there will be any mainstream models with such drive units.

You can see specs of the YASA's P400 R and 750 R models here:

Overall, the acquisition sounds like a great deal for YASA, as the company will retain its own brand, team, facilities and simply continue its business with a major order for the AMG.EA platform. The financial terms were not disclosed.

Chris Harris, CEO, YASA said:

“Working with Mercedes-Benz since 2019, it was always clear that we shared the same commitment to engineering excellence, innovation and reshaping mobility for the electric age. This acquisition is tremendously exciting because it gives YASA technology the global scale and reach of Mercedes-Benz. Together, we have the opportunity to make YASA the premier mark of excellence in electric motor technology, accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and resetting the bar for electric driving experiences.”

Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG and Head of the Top End Vehicle Group, said:

“We warmly welcome YASA to Mercedes-Benz. YASA’s impressive axial-flux technology allows future fully electric Mercedes-AMG performance cars to stay a step ahead of the competition. Thanks to electric motors with higher power density and continuous torque delivery we will redefine the future of driving performance.”

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