Tesla first announced the all-electric Semi years ago, and it has faced delays for about two years. This is actually the case with most of Tesla's future projects, as it can't even possibly keep up with demand for its current products.

It seems to have made much more sense for Tesla to table most of its "big ideas" and simply focus on the immediate task at hand, producing the cars people have already ordered. As facilities continue to expand and new factories are completed across the globe, it can be assumed that Tesla will become less constrained, which should free up industrial space and manpower to tackle new products.

Teslarati, among other publications, has now reported that the Tesla Semi could be coming soon. Aside from earlier reports that revealed updates to the Semi, as well as the Class 8 electric truck(s) out testing more frequently, there have been more rumors and reports popping up of late. Back in March 2021, Tesla investor Sawyer Merritt shared the following tweets:


Around the same time, Tesla posted jobs related to the Tesla Semi, and other analysts issued reports and letters saying the Semi was coming soon. However, such reports have been popping up periodically over the last year or more. What's more, Tesla said on its Q4 2020 earnings call that the Semi will arrive before the end of 2021.

Finally, other reports suggested Tesla was constructing the Semi's production line in Nevada, reportedly near the Tesla Gigafactory. However, it seemed the line may have just been for pilot production. The Tesla Semi's final production facility was said to be planned for the upcoming Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

A recent report on Electrek claimed inside sources have confirmed that the Semi's drive axle production line is ready, and the truck's general assembly line is undergoing final debugging. Sawyer Merritt issued related news at the end of June 2021, noting that the Semi program is moving forward nicely, despite Jerome Guillen's departure.


With Tesla coverage, it is starting to seem like almost all new news is a rumor or something that came from anonymous sources. Oftentimes, the news materializes and is proven true. However, in some cases, it remains just a rumor.

Clearly, important questions still remain, but these reports are somewhat promising. We're curious to know what you think. Will Tesla pull off Semi and Cybertruck production prior to the end of 2021? Let's start a conversation and dive into this topic more deeply.

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