According to a recent report by Drive Tesla Canada, Tesla is working on getting its first-ever Megacharger installed at a Frito-Lay delivery center in Modesto, California. The location is at 600 Garner Road. 

While the original story pointed to Tesla Superchargers, it also referenced the Tesla Semi. The charging stations are clearly meant to charge Frito-Lay's upcoming electric Semi-trucks. The report says the stations will be able to serve up to 100 Tesla Semis, and 15 of those vehicles may arrive later in 2021.

Drive Tesla Canada says the Frito-Lay facility already has several 62.5-kW ChargePoint stations for charging its electric box trucks. Reportedly, Tesla will install the Megacharger near the ChargePoint units. No specifics were provided in the site plans or permit applications specifying the number of stations, but the story mentions that a Tesla Megapack battery storage unit will also be installed on-site.

We don't know a lot about Tesla's Megacharger, though we've seen the company piece together a makeshift unit in the past to charge the Semi. The article notes that the unit could deliver up to 1 MW in power. The Tesla Semi's charge port is different from other Tesla charge ports, so it's not yet known if any Tesla vehicle could use the Megacharger station.

Frito-Lay was one of the first companies to pre-order Tesla Semis. In fact, its parent company Pepsi put in a reservation for 100 of the all-electric haulers way back in December 2017. Frito-Lay actually announced that 15 of its Semis will be delivered in 2021.

Do you think Tesla will be able to deliver any Semi in 2021? Is a Megacharger installation and related documents enough to suggest that the Semi is, in fact, coming soon? Start a conversation in the comment section below.

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