This is one of the few video/screenshots of the charging port on the Tesla Semi.

Leave it to our friend KmanAuto to have a look at the Tesla Semi charging port. The future semi will charge using a new network of Tesla Megachargers. Potentially, if the electric semi finds widespread success, there will be an entire network of these new super-fast chargers, which will likely only be utilized for the truckers, but who knows what the future holds. Musk has made many references to a much more powerful Supercharger down the road.

Megachargers will add about 400 miles of range in 30 minutes, according to information shared by CEO Elon Musk at last week's reveal event. Teslarati says that Megachargers will carry a power output of over 10 times that of current Superchargers (over 1MW). Let's take a look at the publication's calculations:

"Tesla notes on its website that the semi-truck will consume 'less than 2 kWh / mile'. If we’re to factor in a worst case scenario of 2 kWh of energy used per mile traveled, this would equate to 800 kWh of energy consumed in 400 miles (644 km) of travel.

Tesla’s Megacharger would need to have a tremendous power output of 1.6 MW, or thirteen times the power level of a standard Supercharger to be able to replenish 400 miles of battery range in 30 minutes. This, of course, is based on the assumption that the Tesla Semi will consume 2 kWh of energy per mile which in reality will probably be less, as Tesla notes."

KmanAuto told Teslarati that based on his assumptions and math, he believes the Megacharger:

" ... would be able to hit 1.6 MW.”

As you can see from the picture and video -- although it may not be so obvious without anything nearby for comparison -- the eight-pin Tesla Semi charging port is much larger than ports on Tesla's current line of vehicles.

Video Description via KmanAuto on YouTube:

Tesla Semi Charge Port (Only known Photo/Video!!!) MEGACHARGER ------------------- As far as I know, this is the only known public photo/video of the Tesla Semi. I estimate the charge rate to be approximately 500kW, possibly higher. It has 8 pins for the high power to the traction pack, though appears to use the same ground and com pins as the model s and x.

Still caught up over Superchargers? Pish Posh that's so 2017. Enjoy your Supercharger while the semi drivers enjoy MEGACHARGERS!

Source: Teslarati

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