One of the four body styles that Canoo will offer on its skateboard platform is what the company calls the ’sport vehicle’ which was recently snapped by a Reddit user as it was being unloaded from a truck. This is the very first time we’ve seen the low and sleek four-door outside of teasers provided by the company.

In terms of its design, the simplest way to describe it would be to call it a much lower and more aerodynamic version of the original Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle. It doesn’t have a traditional front section, with its very steeply raked windscreen and A-pillar in front of the wheel’s rotation center.

It’s also very low to the ground and unlike the front, the rear seems to be a more conventional hatchback design. Inside, it appears to have the same squared off yoke-like steering wheel that we’ve already seen on Canoos, while the place where ICE vehicles have grilles appears to be transparent, showing the pedals and driver’s feet.


In terms if its overall dimensions, it’s probably a bit smaller than a Tesla Model 3, yet at the same time it should provide more passenger space inside, thanks to the use of Canoo’s proprietary skateboard platform. We don’t know how much power it makes, but it’s very low to the ground and this should have a positive effect on its cornering ability.

We also don’t know when this sporty four-door from Canoo will hit the market. The very first Canoo to reach customers is the Lifestyle Vehicle, which is a tall and people carrier-like EV that should arrive next year. Next will come the Pickup Truck and the MPDV (van) in 2023 and the Sport Vehicle probably won’t arrive sooner than 2024 - it may even be one year later, in 2025.

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