Jay Leno likes not only electric cars, but also new companies that work to develop their own vehicles and technologies in-house. EV upstart Canoo does both, so it’s no surprise that Jay is really into their first ever model, even if he doesn’t seem totally on-board with the sales model.

Canoo won’t sell you its new battery-powered people carrier and the only way you will be able to get behind the wheel of one is by joining the company’s subscription-based service. For a monthly fee, it is promising that you will get to have the vehicle for yourself, but at the same time you won’t ever have to worry about servicing it.

Once the contract ends, you return the vehicle to Canoo with no additional strings attached. This is where the company says its subscription idea is different to a more traditional lease - once the subscription ends, you simply return the vehicle and that’s it.

The vehicle itself is pretty cool, though, so we can understand why Jay seems quite excited about it, although he doesn’t seem thrilled about the subscription part of the deal. It is fully designed and built in-house, atop a skateboard-type platform; Canoo even designed and built its own motors and this really impressed Jay.

Canoo EVs

And the former talk show host wasn’t the only impressed party. Earlier in the year, Hyundai announced its interest in Canoo’s scalable EV architecture and now the two companies are co-developing the platform for future Hyundai and Kia models.

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