Toyota brand reports strong sales results in the U.S. as its overall sales in Q2 amounted to 605,353 (up 74% year-over-year) and 1,134,166 YTD (up 46% year-over-year). That's a good sign of rebound from the COVID-affected 2020.

Toyota reports also sales of 147,805 alternative powered vehicles (APVs), including hybrids, EVs and fuel cells (or simply xEVs) in the Q2, which is 177% more than a year ago. Year to date the company sold 273,123 units (up 168%).

Plug-ins - 18,738

We are most interested in plug-in hybrids, the Toyota Prius Prime and Toyota RAV4 Prime, and here is a big, positive surprise as it appears that plug-ins surged to a new all-time record.

In Q2, Toyota sold in the U.S. about 18,738 plug-in hybrids, which is 568% more than a year ago and more importantly 3.1% of the total Toyota volume (excluding Lexus) and over 12% of all the xEVs.

That's really amazing volume, especially since in the Q1 it was just under 10,000. Both models contributed to this result.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime: First Drive
Toyota Prius Prime
2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime
2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime

Prius Prime

The Toyota Prius Prime (the 2nd model evolution after the original Prius PHEV) noted a record of 11,863 sales in the Q2 2021 (up 323% year-over-year from the weak Q2 2020).

It makes the Prius Prime the most popular Toyota plug-in model. Year-to-date the company delivered 18,862 units (about half of all Prius sales and 172% more than a year ago), while the cumulative result is beyond 100,000.

RAV4 Prime

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is a new model on the market, but it already sells in high volume. In Q2, Toyota sold some 6,875 units (compared to 7 in 2020), and 9,667 YTD.

We guess that it's just the beginning and depending on the production constraints, the RAV4 Prime could go higher than that - above 10,000 a quarter in not too distant future. At least the June result of 2,975 units indicates such potential.

The conventional hybrid version noted 52,446 units YTD, while all RAV4 sales stand at 221,195, which also suggests big potential for the Prime.


The Toyota Mirai is not a plug-in model, but a hydrogen fuel cell car (technically it is nothing more than a series-hybrid with a zero-emission on-board power source).

Toyota noted 728 Mirai sales in the Q2 (up from just 62 a year ago), and 1,597 YTD (vs 209 a year ago).

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