Watching as many of these videos showing road rage directed at Tesla cars and their drivers as we do, you really start to wonder where all the hate comes from, and don’t those angry people know they’re being recorded? For instance, we don’t have sufficient context on this incident, but it really appears the tow truck driver genuinely tried to run this Tesla Model 3 off the road out of the blue.

And to make matters worse, the driver points out that there was no prior altercation or any exchange between the two drivers prior to what you see in the short video. Corey Wright, a wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, who uploaded the video to YouTube, writes in the description

I was driving along a freeway just outside Melbourne, doing the speed limit, when this tow truck sped up alongside me in the slow lane, before suddenly deliberately swerving in front of me in an attempt to run me off the road. I have no idea what prompted this stupid and dangerous behavior.

Even so, we would have liked a longer version of this video, with an extra segment showing the tow truck approaching from behind, for instance. Perhaps the Tesla driver inadvertently did something he’s not aware of that ticked off the man in the truck, even if this seems unlikely. More context is always good in such situations and in this instance all we have to go on is the Model 3 driver’s word.

The tow truck driver is obviously in the wrong here and had the rear corner of his vehicle made contact with the Tesla, the car could have been destabilized and it could even have crashed, injuring the occupants. Luckily nothing happened this time; you can also check out Corey's Model 3 Performance on custom wheels in the video below.

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